Entrepreneur Of The Year

EOY 2017 Winners

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EY - Nadiem A. Makarim

Nadiem A. Makarim
Founder & CEO
PT Go-Jek Indonesia
Indonesia Entrepreneur Of The Year

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Indonesia’s first unicorn startup, Go-Jek was born out of Nadiem A. Makarim’s desire to create solutions to people’s daily needs. Launched in 2015, its ability to revolutionize customer behavior was one of the key reasons that made Go-Jek grow fast and big. Through Go-Jek mobile application, customers have access to various services from transportation, food, cleaning service to movie tickets. As of July 2017, the application has been downloaded more than 50 million times in Indonesia.

The idea of Go-Jek first came to Makarim out of frustration over the Jakarta traffic jams. He took ojek (motorcycle taxi) everywhere because it was more effective than riding in cars. The problem was that ojeks were often unreliable. Then, Makarim realized that when he managed to establish a close relationship with an ojek driver, Makarim could count on him implicitly including bought things for him and delivered packages to other people. This had led him to where Go-Jek is growing at the moment.

With a commitment to empower Indonesian informal sector workers, Go-Jek helps small businesses increase their income and tap into larger customer base by leveraging modern technology. Go-Jek now has 300,000 driver partners, 7,000 talent partners for its lifestyle services and 100,000 food business partners. Its Go-Food service has also been named the second biggest food delivery service throughout Asia.

Considered the disruptor in the digital innovation space, Go-Jek has now become the leader of on-demand services platform in Indonesia. Not only it is disrupting the market by creating new demands, its multi-service application is also enabling the company to scale quickly and tackle several industries at the same time. Aside from this, Go-Jek has also been notable for its efforts to promote financial inclusion and cashless culture through its in-app payment method.

EY - M. Alfatih Timur

M. Alfatih Timur
Co-founder & CEO
PT Kitabisa
Social Entrepreneur Of The Year

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M. Alfatih Timur learns that one of the common obstacles encountered by change-makers and social entrepreneurs is the lack of fund. After studying how crowdfunding works in western countries, he initiated Kitabisa – a social business that combines the power of the people and technology. Kitabisa.com aims to solve social issues through a crowdsourcing platform that requires public collaboration. Its website features have allowed people to donate funds more transparently and effectively.

Kitabisa has managed to build a network of 300,000 people by actively promoting its website through social media and online newsletters. In terms of number of transactions and users, Kitabisa is considered the largest compared to similar platforms in Southeast Asia.

To date, Kitabisa has raised funds for over 6,000 campaigns, ranging from infrastructure development and religious buildings to providing scholarships. It has worked together with a broad range individuals, communities, influencers and organizations such as World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace and Indonesian Red Cross (PMI).

Facilitating around US$500,000 donations every month, Kitabisa’s gross donation volume had grown by 700% between 2015 and 2016. Within the next 10 years, Timur aspires that Kitabisa will be capable to reach US$1 billion donations and to become people’s top of mind when it comes to donation and fund raising platform.

EY - Achmad Zaky

Achmad Zaky
Founder & CEO
PT Bukalapak
Technology & Digital Entrepreneur Award

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Achmad Zaky believes in the vast opportunities of the internet and seeks to help local buyers and sellers, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), strive beyond their neighborhood markets towards a nationwide reach. In 2010, he established Bukalapak, a leading Indonesian online marketplace platform. Bukalapak is not limited to trade and commerce among buyers and sellers, but also an ecosystem that provides opportunities for Indonesian SMEs. It facilitates learning through equipping the SMEs on how to manage sustainable businesses.

Entering its seventh year, the company continues to grow organically. Experiencing a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 3-4 times and serving over 1.6 million sellers (or pelapak) with over 41 million active products on offer, Bukalapak has managed to generate US$1 billion transactional value per year. Aside from that, it also received a great media impressions of 24 million for marketing campaigns and 300 active pelapak communities across 100 cities.

Bukalapak has a long-term strategy to reach its objectives, focusing on the fundamental assets of the company which are talent, technology and a sustainable marketing program, whereas most e-commerce companies tend to have short-term tactics by launching promotions or massive marketing subsidies. Going forward, Zaky believes that Bukalapak will continue to leverage the existing technology and introduce more new features.

EY - Hermanto Tanoko

Hermanto Tanoko
President Director
PT AviaAvian
Industry Entrepreneur Award

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Hermanto Tanoko sees running a business as a means of responding to customers’ expectations and delivering real impact to the community. What this translates into, PT Avia Avian’s values of C.In.T.A, which stands for Customer focus, Integrity, Teamwork and Agility, is a strategy to create a value-driven culture in their management team. PT Avia Avian is the only paint manufacturer in Indonesia that is fully integrated, from the production of raw materials until the production of finished goods as well as the distribution to its customers across the nation.

The company operates over 65 distribution centers that serve both traditional and modern trade channels. It occupies more than 130.000 square meters of warehouse facilities and covers more than 40,000 outlets. Avian has received numerous awards national-wide awards and recognitions for its products. With these achievements and its robust financial performance, Avian is currently in the preparation stage to go public in early 2018.

Besides Avian, Hermanto also ventures into other businesses under Tancorp Holding Company (group), which currently oversees eight subsidiaries namely Tanbiz Manufacturer, Tanobel Food and Beverage, Tanrise Property, Tanly Hospitality, Tanworld retail businesses, Tanlife, Tanlink Distribution and Tancreation. Earlier this year, Tanoko also launched Hermanto Tanoko Foundation which focuses on promoting entrepreneurship in Indonesia.

EY - Shana Fatina

Shana Fatina
Founder & President Director
PT Tinamitra Mandiri
Community Development Award

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Looking at the growing economic disparity in Indonesia, Shana Fatina believes that equality starts with strong local resilience and the society can compete fairly only if provided with the same level of facilities and education. She aspires to boost the home economy by preserving a balance between development and the environment. Eager to make a difference, she started Tinamitra Mandiri which specialized in clean energy and alternative energy resources. As an energy provider, the Company mission is to become the key advocate in driving local resilience through sustainable inclusive economy.

Tinamitra Mandiri is the pioneer in social entrepreneurship focusing on poverty alleviation initiatives that utilizes area development as its business model. Designed together with the local community stakeholders, through Tinamitra Mandiri, Fatina has brought development solutions in Jakarta, Bogor, Cirebon, Flores and Papua across various sectors such as health, education, technology, environment and waste management. These solutions are deployed specifically depending on the local needs and circumstances using local resources, available opportunities and entrepreneurship.

The concept of the business model in Tinamitra Mandiri is clear, to help local communities to maximize the benefits they receive from sustainable energy solutions. In doing its business, Fatina ensures that Tinamitra Mandiri embodies a number of core values which are ethical business, innovation, professionalism as well as collaboration.

EY - Zulfikar Alimuddin

Zulfikar Alimuddin
Founder & Chairman of Board
Yayasan Cinta Harapan Indonesia
Outstanding Care & Compassion Award

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Having experienced the constant struggle that comes with raising a child with autism, and knowing many underprivileged families are going through tougher situations, Zulfikar Alimuddin and his wife founded Yayasan Cinta Harapan Bangsa (YCHI) in 2009. YCHI provides free consultations, therapy sessions and home programs to help autistic and special needs children in low-income families.

The initial 5 years were challenging for YCHI due to its financial condition. However, this did not deter Alimuddin from pursuing his endeavor to elevate the standard of care for children with autism. In the face of skeptical opinions about his prospects, Alimuddin continued to find support from other like-minded individuals and organizations. He came up with a list of strategies to promote YCHI, including running workshops and seminars, selling merchandises, raising donations, and seeking collaborations for CSR activities. With transparency and consistency of work, YCHI eventually grew to become a solid foundation for autism.

Now covering Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung, Jepara and Madiun, YCHI currently serves a total of 120 children with autism in 7 centers. YCHI plans to open therapy centers in multiple locations and train volunteers who want to be therapists, in the purpose of offering better quality of service and improving the lives of all affected by autism.