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Careers in Core Business Services: managing the transformation of our business

Core Business Services provides internal operational support to all parts of the company. Whichever part of Core Business Services you join, you will play an essential role in delivering our strategy of change around our global organization. This means dealing with different cultures and people from different backgrounds every day, which will give you continually fresh challenges and rewarding work. It is the vital core that supports the organization’s infrastructure, and allows our client-serving teams to succeed in the marketplace, helping our business run efficiently and effectively.

Human Resource

Our human resource professionals develop and execute our people strategy. In this role, you will help provide the necessary programs, measures and tools for our employees to achieve their potential and professional goals. You might develop and implement strategies for performance management, leadership development, learning, training tools, compensation, recruiting, new joiner orientation, reporting processes or other initiatives. You may work in a central function or be aligned to one of our service lines. In either position, you will be instrumental in supporting the business.

Finance & Accounting

Our finance and accounting professionals are responsible for our financial integrity and results. As a member of this team, you will provide financial reporting that is accurate, consistent and compliant with global financial policies and principles, and local statutory rules and regulations. In essence, you help keep the company from engaging in potentially illegal or unethical activities that could get it into hot water.

You will also work with other parts of our organization, sharing your financial experience and insights to achieve specific goals. You will get all the support you need to stay on top of regulations — and the advice and help you will need to meet your own professional and personal goals.

Brand, Marketing and Communications (BMC)

Our communication professionals work as part of a global network to develop and implement a broad range of initiatives to strengthen our global brand, as well as to build our reputation and deepen client relationships. In this role, you will help deliver accurate, effective communications about our business strategies, initiatives, programs and events.

You will get to grips with key business issues and use your strategic communication skills to make a difference. You will collaborate with client-serving professionals and colleagues in other functions, across a range of activities. These will include marketing communications, advertising, market research, brand management and the development of issue- and industry-led thought leadership. You will deal with a variety of challenging topics and issues.

Business Development

Our business development professionals drive account execution, pursue new business and support our growth and market leadership strategy. As a member of this team, you will develop relationships with existing and prospective clients in order to create opportunities for EY. You will also advise our service line teams and leadership on opportunities and help convert prospects into successful engagements. By focusing on the right accounts in the right market segments, you will help us build our market share. In return, you will receive the support and opportunities you need to succeed professionally and personally.

To ensure the quality of work we do, you will also need to conduct research and develop insights on strategic business issues and advances in technology. These insights help our client-serving teams to compete effectively in today’s business environment. You will liaise with colleagues from different parts of the business, building in-depth knowledge of particular markets or fields of technical excellence. This rewarding and challenging area will allow you to apply your analytical and research skills to benefit the business.

Information Technology (IT)

As part of this team, you will be responsible for devising and implementing strategies and tools related to our IT infrastructure. You will provide help desk, network and data center services as well as workstation support, telecommunications and IT products. Our IT teams equip our employees with effective and efficient IT tools and services so that they can serve our clients in the best way possible.

Office & Asset Management

Our office and asset management staff performs a crucial support role for our technical and business services teams across our organization. As part of this team, you will maintain efficient operations, allowing our teams to focus on providing the best possible service to our clients.

Our asset management professionals develop and oversee the implementation of the asset management system, including the establishment of departmental policies and procedures, balancing of costs, opportunities and risks against the desired performance of assets, to achieve the organizational objectives. This balancing might need to be considered over different timeframes. As part of asset management team, you will also enable our company to examine the need for, and performance of, assets and asset systems at different levels.

As an office management team member, you will provide supports to our internal clients to ensure that business and operations are conducted effectively and efficiently. Your responsibilities include management and administration of office workplaces, facilities, supplies and stationeries, correspondence and records archiving, courier and mailing, printing and report production, tax and licenses, building access cards, ID cards and parking. Safety and security services are also part of the role played by office management


Our global procurement professionals help us achieve cost savings and operational efficiencies. The team performs market research, negotiates discounts, sets standards, manages supplier relationships, provides guidance, manages procurement contracts and liaises with internal clients. In this role, you will help us manage the organization’s spend effectively and achieve the benefits of a global strategy by collaborating with other procurement teams and business units around the world.

Quality & Risk Management

Our quality and risk management professionals help us uphold our business standards and maintain and enhance the value of our brand. As a member of this team, you will help promote the viability of the organization and the security of our people and other stakeholders. Working with client-serving professionals as well as with colleagues from internal operations, you will play a key role in many projects. By providing clear guidance and support on how to best achieve results and best communicate from a quality and risk management perspective, you will help to enhance and protect our reputation.