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We'd love to meet you

Choosing where to start your career is an important decision. We know that you're probably considering several options, including EY.

That's no problem: we're here to help you understand what life at EY is like, to show you the chances you'll have to thrive and to demonstrate how you can develop your career once you're part of our team.

You're in the right place to learn more about our application process and what we look for.

Application process

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There are seven steps to complete before your first day at EY. Find out exactly how the process works.

What we look for


We recruit people from all kinds of backgrounds and with all sorts of skills. However, we do look for some common values.

Application, interview and selection process

Identify your interests

Take a moment to visit the 'Your role here' section to learn about our service lines and identify your area of interest. You can then apply for the relevant opportunity in Assurance, Advisory, Transactions or Tax.

Search for opportunities

Visit Job search and look for openings in your chosen area of interest. We welcome applicants from all degree disciplines for most of our graduate and undergraduate programmes. You’ll find more information about specific requirements in the job descriptions.

Apply online

Once you’ve found the programme that suits you, use the link to apply. Here you will find our new application form, where you can tell us all about you.

Once you’ve completed the form you’ll need to attach your CV. This is the most important part of the online application. Your CV should highlight your strengths. Whether you worked in the corner shop at home or life-guarding on a J1, let us know what you learned, what skills you acquired, and how this can transition to your role with EY.

We can’t wait to hear from you. Apply now – and the best of luck.

Varied backgrounds, similar values

The kind of person you are and the things you're naturally good at can bring a lot to our business. So don't think you're not the right type, or you haven't studied the right subjects – because we want people from a wide range of backgrounds.

However, we do look for some common attributes from our people. If this list describes you, get ready to put in your application.

You excel at what you do

High academic achievements are one thing. But demonstrating leadership and achievement away from your core studies – and simply getting involved – is just as important to us.

You show integrity

Our people know the difference between right and wrong and behave with a clear sense of accountability. To get on at EY, you need to be as committed to doing the right thing as we are.

You behave with respect

It's important you recognise and understand the value of different backgrounds and points of view, because those differences are key to our success.

You're good in teams

You'll be part of a team from the very first day you start work at EY. So it's vital you can listen, learn, share, develop and work effectively with other people – even if they're different from you.

You have energy, enthusiasm and courage

We get excited about our work, our clients, and the amazing things we help them to do. We look for people who are naturally enthusiastic about new ideas and who can't wait to see what the next day brings.

Find out how our application process works, or come and meet us at an event near you.