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Get involved and make a difference

At EY, volunteering your time and skills plays an important part in your career development. It gives you the chance to mix with different people and lets you explore your natural strengths in different environments. You’ll learn new skills too – perhaps public speaking or negotiation tactics.

But, most importantly, volunteering makes a positive difference to the people, organisations and communities you work with.

You’ll be able to volunteer in three broad areas:

  • Entrepreneurship, encouraging entrepreneurial thinking and helping to support, promote and celebrate exciting new companies.
  • Education, doing our best to broaden access to education and give the next generation the skills it needs to enter and thrive in the world of business.
  • Environmental sustainability, finding new ways to minimise the impact EY has on the environment and ensuring we do business in a sustainable manner.

Of course, it’s easy for us to talk about social responsibility. But the big difference is that here we’ll give you the time you need to pursue volunteering projects. In fact, as part of your career development, we’ll expect you to. So, go on, get stuck in!