Safeguarding your future

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Massive government interventions in the financial sector may have prevented even more calamity, but great uncertainty still lies ahead.

So it’s imperative that you form a strategic view of all the risks you now face. This means defining what your key risks are, weighting their probability and impact on business drivers – and developing your thinking on actions to take.

EY can support you in this. We can undertake risk assessments that go beyond financial and regulatory risk to consider the wider environment in which you operate. We can conduct scenario planning for your key risks to make sure your risk management processes are linked to the actual risks that your business faces. And we can help you put in place effective monitoring and control processes that give you earlier warnings, and enable you to respond quickly and effectively.

This rigorous and disciplined approach to risk management helps you safeguard the future of your business – and supports you in facing the challenges of the recession.