Climate Change and Sustainability Services

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Climate change and sustainability continue to rise on governments’ and organisations’ agendas around the world with rapidly evolving drivers and expectations.

Your business faces regulatory requirements and the need to meet stakeholder expectations, and must respond to revenue generation and cost reduction opportunities.

This means a fundamental and complex transformation for many, and the integration of sustainability into core business activities in order to manage risk, achieve short-term objectives and create long-term shareholder value. The industry and countries in which you and your stakeholders operate introduce additional complexity, challenges, responsibilities and opportunities.

Our multi-disciplinary team can help you navigate your sustainability journey. We bring together qualifications in accounting, science, social science, engineering and business, and our team has the skills and industry experience to help you integrate environmental, social and governance aspects into your strategy, management systems, operations, tax planning, transactions and reporting.

An effective sustainability strategy needs to look at all the components that can affect your business. Select any element below to learn more about how it fits into the sustainability strategy discussion.

EY - The Universe of sustainability risks and opportunitiesTax implicationsClimate changeBeyond complianceEmissionsEnergy agendaInnovationReportingSocial impactSupply chain


Climate change

Modern enterprises must understand all the implications of a changing climate throughout their value chain. We help clients understand the impacts of the changing climate and develop and prioritize resiliency strategies.


Beyond compliance

With so much disparity and uncertainty around environmental and increasingly social regulations, we help to guide clients through the maze of regulatory issues.



Emission trading and reporting schemes remain a key tool of climate change mitigation. We support our clients in understanding and meeting their compliance obligations and analyzing opportunities for emissions reduction.


Energy agenda

With an eye on energy consumption and efficiency, we assist clients in reaching their energy-use targets in financially responsible ways that both amplify their carbon reduction and reduce their exposure to energy price fluctuations.



Sustainability provides new ways to innovate - to design new products and services, increase revenue and expand market share. We help clients analyze sustainability and market data, develop innovation processes and create revenue-driving solutions.



Corporate reporting is evolving towards integrating traditional financial information with environmental, social and governance information. We help clients accelerate toward meeting these new reporting expectations.


Social impact

We continue to support clients in assessing human rights compliance in their supply base, assessing the impact of major projects on communities and in designing programs to improve social license to operate on the ground.


Supply chain

Companies often need help in assessing their suppliers’ impacts. We assist in analyzing and developing strategies for clients to understand and manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks in their supply chains.


Tax implications

We help clients link their tax, sustainability and operations groups to identify and manage the tax implications of sustainability-related decisions. We also help companies access the billions of dollars available to them in the form of incentives and credits.

We have developed services that enable you to:

  • Set clear priorities: By understanding the links between sustainability performance, value creation and the successful delivery of business strategy we help leadership teams prioritise and invest with confidence, and achieve their aims.
  • Make fully informed decisions: By measuring the impacts, risks and opportunities associated with sustainability we help you make better, evidence-based decisions, and create more value for your organisation, value chain and stakeholders.
  • Enhance resilience and performance: By developing a deep understanding of what drives your organisation’s resilience, value chain and business model we develop safety, ethical and environmental programmes.
  • Build trust and confidence: Through enhanced controls and assurance we help build board confidence in the adequacy and pace of sustainability programmes and the integrity of external reporting.

Why choose EY?
We have helped clients around the globe develop, execute and measure broad sustainability strategies.

  • In an independent survey of global corporate sustainability leaders conducted by Verdantix, EY was named the company with the strongest perceived capabilities to advise on global sustainability strategy.
  • Our global reach stretches across 140 countries.
  • EY is accredited or certified under many different regulatory and tax regimes around the world, and has personnel on the ground working in many jurisdictions.
  • We help our clients with a multi-disciplinary team approach that addresses their strategic sustainability needs. Employing numerous subject-matter resources – from geologists and tax professionals to former government officials and auditors – we can advise on an enterprise-wide basis.
  • EY contributes to technical sustainability working groups aimed at standardising definitions and approaches, such as the International Integrated Reporting Commission (IIRC), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

EY’s 212,000 people around the globe come to work every day with one mission: building a better working world, And there is no more direct way to achieve this than by helping our clients establish and achieve their sustainability goals.