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Transaction Tax

Wherever your transaction occurs, our integrated, global approach means you gain access to coordinated advice. Our strategic tax professionals think ahead and understand the external factors that impact your business.

Seeing your business the way you do lets us help your company achieve long-term success by:

  • Thinking forward to anticipate your needs
  • Thinking broadly about your business strategy
  • Thinking beyond the transaction

Our Transaction Tax professionals help you navigate an ever-changing business environment and make informed decisions that align with your long-term strategy.

We guide you through the tax implications of your transaction and help you develop alternatives to improve your company’s tax efficiency.

Transaction strategy

    • Provide you with an understanding of the relevant jurisdictional and multidisciplinary tax issues
    • Offer structuring advice and alternatives to balance investor sensitivities and help you improve prospective earnings or cash flows
    • Highlight opportunities for improved operational efficiencies and returns on your investment
    • Help you understand and navigate tax opportunities and risk in emerging markets
    • Analyse and review your historical transactions and financing structures for reputational risk
    • Help you recognise and address tax issues early in the process to enable you to prepare for and resolve matters in a way that helps increase returns for shareholders
    • Evaluate alternative transaction structures with you in advance
    • Help you understand whether and how the use of existing or embedded tax assets best positions you for a successful exit
    • Identify the gain or loss in each taxing jurisdiction to assist you in determining what valuable tax attributes may be utilised
  • We advise you in designing, coordinating and implementing restructuring transactions that balance your tax priorities with your overall business objectives.

    • Business restructuring (internal restructuring, intercompany account rationalisation, legal entity rationalisation)
    • Help you understand the tax impact associated with realigning legal and operating structures
    • Identify ways to improve performance and strengthen your business by preserving and optimising capital
    • Help you eliminate unnecessary above- and below-the-line operating and tax costs and inefficiencies
    • Assist your efforts to realise the value of tax assets (such as a built-in loss or stock basis)
    • Provide planning options for bankruptcy and liquidation
    • Validate, and help you select and implement the appropriate exit option for non-core activities
  • We collaborate with your tax, treasury and legal departments, as well as the C-suite, to understand your global capital and tax structure to help:

    • Implement an efficient tax capital structure and collateral package
    • Analyse and structure the tax aspects of new financings and refinancings to leverage opportunities and reduce the overall cost of capital
    • Determine the timing of unamortized debt cost deductions
    • Provide an understanding of debt push-down techniques
    • Determine the deductibility of interest
    • Avoid cross-border issues (such as currency control, withholding taxes or repatriation)

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