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Transaction Advisory Services (TAS)

We provide a range of services relating to the acquisition and restructuring of private and public companies, as well as services for investment entities and private equity funds.

Transaction Support

We provide advice and consulting throughout the transaction. This includes economic feasibility examination of financial and accounting advisability for buyers and sellers of assets and companies, implementation of buy-side and sell-side due diligence, and consulting regarding implications of the transaction structure on financial statements of a company.

The local team works in conjunction with EY transaction teams from around the world to help implements cross-border projects.

Valuations & Business Modeling

We provide companies with assistance in relation to valuation for different purposes, such as transactions, accounting and tax. Our services include business valuation, intangible assets and purchase price allocation, impairment test, ESOP and derivatives. We also assist companies in building and reviewing financial models to support strategic planning, management control, capital and debt raising, tender offers and decisions on transaction execution.

HR Advisory

The extensive experience our professionals have in the local market, together with EY’s organization’s experience worldwide in the HR sector, helps add value, knowledge and international perspective.

HR Advisory services include:

  • Implementation of comparative survey data (benchmarking)
  • Advice on remuneration policies
  • Review of existing remuneration policies and their compliance with regulatory  requirements
  • Advice on retention of management and key personnel
  • Human resources due diligence

Transaction Real Estate

Transaction Real Estate services include:

  • Company and property due diligence
  • Economic feasibility studies and market analysis
  • Valuations
  • Strategic plans
  • Capital redeployment
  • Debt restructuring

The practice has access [to the majority of Israeli] as well as the global data resources EY organization’s real estate professionals, enabling worldwide transaction support.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We advise companies and owners who are interested in selling or buying companies in a wide range of industry segments. Our services include broad investment banking services, starting from the early stages of determining the right strategy, to identifying buyers/investors/target companies, to supporting clients in the and execution of the transaction.

Our teams work closely with our clients to develop deal structures and processes that will help improve value. The global EY network allows us access to target companies and buyers anywhere in the world. The team also provides advice and guidance to companies interested in developing their business through strategic alliances and partnerships with leading global companies across industries.

Working Capital Management

We provide advice and consultation on working capital management in the company — including customers, inventory, suppliers —to help improve the company's operating and financial performance and value.

Services include assistance in formulation of processes and procedures to improve cash flows in the company and assistance with of a work frameworks that will provide ongoing support for  these processes and procedures.

Operational Transaction Services

  • Support in post-merger integration processes and procedures: assistance  with formulation and internalization of integration as a component of the merger, acquisition or organizational change, identification and valuation of synergies deriving from the merger process, accompaniment, consulting and advice on  carve-outs from the  of financial, operational, and human resource perspectives
  • Operational restructuring: identification of opportunities for improvement in expense structure and rapid reduction thereof, mainly in companies facing hardship or organizational and structural change

Commercial Advisory Services

Our team of professionals, who work in conjunction with other strategic international teams in EY, provides advice to corporate management in designing strategic processes and procedures. This includes identification of growth engines, analysis of competitive advantage, and recommendations for organizational structure and management routine.

Consulting services include commercial due diligence, customer surveys, segmentation and analysis of competition and trends, and assistance with the formulation of a detailed business plan and its implementation.

Global Incentives Advisory (GIA)

We assist consulting and accompanying technology companies, industry and academia in financing research projects, technology development and innovation from local and global government resources.
Among the financing resources are:

  • Chief Scientist
  • Bi-national funds
  • International cooperation agreements
  • H2020 and other European programs
  • Government funding in various active countries
  • US federal financing funds

The practice operates as part of the EY global incentives group and also serves as an international knowledge center for financing by the European Union. Our global experience allows us to assist in forming technological and business collaborations with other companies as well as obtain funding for joint activities.