Information Technology Risk & Assurance

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Our Information Technology Risk & Assurance professionals advise on how to make IT more efficient and manage the risks related to IT operations. They focus on helping clients to optimize and secure technology so that it serves the business effectively and enhances results. Here are some of our extensive services:

1. IT Risk Management
Our IT risk management professionals evaluate, define and implement risk, governance and regulatory compliance initiatives for IT functions. They also identify, configure and integrate the technology that helps these initiatives work effectively.

2. Application Risk
Our application risk professionals work with external audit, internal audit, IT departments and business functions to support the implementing and maintaining of reliable IT environments, systems and data. They help rationalize and optimize controls and promote the effectiveness of processes, IT general controls and application controls by advising on continuous control monitoring strategies. They assess and help remedy large programs through independent program review services.

3. Infrastructure Risk
Our infrastructure risk professionals help clients maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of IT and data. Services include privacy, security assessment, attack and penetration, identity access management, data loss prevention, security management and business continuity management.

4. Data Risk
Our data risk professionals help clients improve their return on investment in data analytics technologies (which enable the processing of large volumes of data and performance of complex computations). They achieve this by helping make operations more scalable, more repeatable, and higher quality. They also perform data migration planning for large-scale IT programs.

5. IT Assurance
Our IT assurance professionals conduct independent examinations of technology and business control environments to support our audit teams and help clients secure trust from their customers.