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Across the world, people’s ability to move safely and efficiently from point A to point B impacts their degree of opportunity for a better, more productive life. The automotive and transportation sector enables people everywhere to access family and friends, employment, education, health care and entertainment.

EY’s Automotive & Transportation Sector delivers purpose-led, transformative solutions to help our clients improve the movement of people and goods around the world. We build a better working world by teaming with public and private companies throughout the sector to:


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    #EYAutoChat Changing Lanes Twitter chat

    Check out the summary from our #EYAutoChat on Twitter held on 5 May, where our sector leader discussed the findings from our third annual survey, Changing lanes: the automotive C-suites 2015-16 agenda. We addressed questions concerning the C-suite’s ability to respond to volatility, implementation of key operational initiatives, attracting and retaining talent and more.