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Title Topic Date
EY Tesseract EY’s blockchain platform supporting fractional ownership and shared, integrated mobility 20180509May 2018
Automotive retail 2030 Automotive retail faces digitalization and disruption. Dealers look to adopt new operating models and upskill salesforce or risk irrelevance. 20180508May 2018
Electrifying India: building blocks for a sustainable EV ecosystem Electrification of mobility is still in nascent stages in India but significant growth momentum is expected over the medium term. 20180508May 2018
Global supply chain benchmarking study for the tire industry: Executive summary This executive summary is from a study EY conducted with major global tire manufacturers that has helped identify and address unique supply chain issues across... 20180105January 2018
Disruption. Digitalization. Disintermediation. For transportation and logistics companies, entry barriers no longer offer protection, competition is widespread, and digitalization is driving change. 20171130November 2017
Standing up India’s EV ecosystem - who will drive the charge? The global automotive industry is at the cusp of a paradigm shift from internal combustion engine vehicles to zero emission vehicles owing to the stringent regulatory interventions by Governments worldwide. 20171109November 2017
How far will cities go to move cars off the road EY - As governments look for ways to tackle urban congestion, they are bringing forward the timing of mobility innovation. 20170829August 2017
Transportation and logistics in the coming decade In this industry, companies are no longer protected by entry barriers, competition comes from all directions, and digitalization will become the major agent of change. 20170820August 2017
Changing lanes 2016–17 The automotiveC-suite’s agenda 20170216February 2017
Automotive change drivers for the next decade EY Global Automotive & Transportation Sector 20170216February 2017
Building a strategic and profitable auto finance portfolio After a period of transformation, this market is at the cusp of rapid growth again. Here's what you should know about the challenges and opportunities. 20161204December 2016
Omni-channel: transforming the auto sales landscape As on-demand mobility puts customer loyalty at risk, automakers must respond by providing a consistent and personalized omni-channel brand experience throughout the customer life cycle. 20161204December 2016
Transforming the automotive sales landscape Evolving customer expectations and the advent of new mobility solutions have transformed the manner in which customers interact with OEMs. 20161007October 2016
R&D investment execution R&D spending is crucial to innovation, but investments often fail to deliver. In this study, we look at how businesses can improve their investment execution. 20160819August 2016
Making India a world class automotive manufacturing hub A large domestic consumption base, a cost-competitive value chain and our strategic geographical location would play a key role in establishing our country’s automotive strength. 20140211February 2016
How is digital disruption transforming businesses? Digital transformation is changing our business environment. A robust digital strategy is thus crucial. Our latest study explores how digitization impacts businesses across sectors. 20160211February 2016
Cash on the road 2014 In our latest working capital report, we highlight the results from EY’s analysis of the top automotive suppliers in 2013. 20140701July 2014
Supplier pulse check - Financial benchmarking of 90 Indian vs.100 global automotive suppliers - August 2013 EY’s Global Automotive Center has benchmarked 100 publicly traded global automotive suppliers to assess their performance and health based on EY’s Capital Agenda framework. 20131201December 2013
EY - Automotive Changing lanes 2013 "EY provides a wide range of business services to the global automotive ecosystem. Our professionals work alongside many of the sector’s leaders virtually every day, giving us a unique perspective on the strategic priorities of many of the world’s leading automotive companies." 20131001October 2013
Mega trends shaping the Indian commercial vehicle industry This report identifies six mega trends that are likely to impact and change the face of the Indian commercial vehicle industry. 20130301March 2013

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