Government & Public Sector: A shared commitment to public value

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Growing budget deficits, rising citizen expectations and aging populations – they all demand systematic changes in the public sector. We can help. In emerging countries like India, we advise on infrastructure development, public private partnerships, policy implementation, and much more.

Our Government and Public Sector practice comprises a network of professionals across Assurance, Tax, Transactions, Advisory and other domains.



At EY, we share this commitment. While being passionate about the development of Indian society, we also understand the Government's specific goals and how our services can help achieve these objectives.


How our services make a difference to our clients:

Investment ClimateInvestment Climate and Economic Development

Our services help in developing the potential for economic development through enhanced trade, investment and employment.

Impact AssessmentImpact Assessment and Program Review

We assist in evaluating the success, outreach and deliverables of programs, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Program ManagementProgram Management

Our solutions help our clients plan, execute and review diverse projects with methodologies that have proven effective time and again.


e-Governancee-Governance Services

With our services, our clients leverage leading IT practices through every stage of online service development.


Risk and advisory service IT Security & Risk Advisory Services

We work with clients to help understand and improve effectively their ability to manage risk, increase control, compliance adherence and IT audit support  

Public private partnershipPublic Private Partnership

Drawing upon our global experience, we help in catalyzing alliances between governments, industries, businesses, donor agencies and investors.

People & OrganizationPeople and Organization

We help to develop infrastructure, educational institutions and social safety nets for the fast-growing middle classes.

Development Advisory services Development Advisory services

 DAS provides knowledge, insight and solutions to enhance efficiency, effectiveness and scalability of operations.

Risk Management Risk Management

 We help you achieve a highly functioning, integrated risk and control environment that will help you decrease complexity and cost while improving performance and protection of existing assets.

Public Finance Management Public Financial Management

 We help Government departments, executive agencies, local authorities to improve management performance and operational efficiency.