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Global steel 2015–2016: globalize or customize Anjani Agrawal, Global Steel Leader, highlights megatrends driving the globalization of the steel business. He urges companies to identify market changes and adapt business practises accordingly 20170901September 2017
Mineral concessions framework - imperatives for success Auction-based mining leases are a significant step toward the much-needed transparency. This paper highlights the need for policymakers and mining companies to adopt a collaborative approach. 20170901September 2017
M&A and capital raising: 2013 trends, 2014 outlook Despite deal inertia in 2013, a steady improvement in market conditions should see a gradual return to deal-making in mining and metals in 2014. Read why. 20140101January 2014
Mining and metals - Capital Confidence Barometer - November 2013 The October 2013 EY Global Capital Confidence Barometer reveals that mining and metals companies are expressing a desire to grow, although cautiously. 20131101November 2013
Mining in rapid-growth economies The mining industry is shifting towards the rapid growth markets. We look at the trends in these markets and how to overcome the key challenges. 20131101November 2013
EY - Resource nationalism update: October 2013 Resource nationalism quarterly 20131101November 2013
EY - Mining and Metals - Switching direction As metals prices have fallen, the global mining and metals industry has switched from a growth focus to a focus on recovering margin. 20131001October 2013
Mining in Emerging Economies - Sharing the Spoils Is mining activity shifting to emerging countries, driven by quality resources and domestic demand, boosting economic growth? Our report reveals more on India’s mining sector. 20130901September 2013
Global Mining and Metals Growing beyond - Latin America: mining and metals 20130901September 2013
The rising threat of substitution: mining & metals Substitution comes in many forms and can have a market-altering impact on an organization. Recognizing the triggers can serve as an early warning system. 20130901September 2013
Business risks in mining and metals 2013-2014 - Portuguese (full report) Capital allocation and capital access top the business risk list for mining and metals companies. Read about all 10 critical risks for the sector. 20130801August 2013
Secondary market for yellow goods in Australia The market for yellow goods has seen significant changes in supply and demand, resulting in a dramatic downward shift in values over time. 20130801August 2013
Global Steel 2013 A new world , a new strategy For India to be the next steel powerhouse, some strategies would need to be adopted. We discuss in this report. 20130201February 2013

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