Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training & Certification

Delhi | Mumbai

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The lean six sigma is defined as the elimination of activities performed in the production process or service rendering that do not add value to the final product or service. The lean management methodology delivers tools necessary to eliminate process waste and to exploit the constraints identified.

Six Sigma is structured, data driven methodology of improving the different processes of an organization to such an extent where it can reduce the defects to only 3.4 per 1 million opportunities. It ensures process stability and improves processes and activities that add value. Its ability to deliver tangible as well as intangible results in driving its adoption by businesses across the world as part of their operational processes.

Six Sigma professionals are some of the most sought after individuals because of the value they bring in and their ability to significantly improve the processes and make a positive impact on the organizational goals.

  • Objective of the program

    The objective of EY’s four-day Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training is to make the participants well versed with the concepts of Six Sigma and equip them with the knowledge of various tools — statistical as well as non-statistical — used within the framework of Lean and Six Sigma.

    Participants will be exposed to some of the key Lean tools and 7 kinds of waste and value-stream mapping. The training will help individuals to prepare and get ready to take up big, complex industry issues and opportunities to deliver outcomes that help grow, optimize and protect businesses. They will be able to gather real world skills and experience with our live, hands-on training to support their organizations in increasing sales, becoming more cost competitive, reducing risk and enhancing operational resilience.

    This course will provide participants the necessary information required to lead and run Lean and Six Sigma projects with their respective work areas.

  • Benefits of the program
    • The course covers the basic requirements of Six Sigma methodology and its application for real-world problems or process improvement.
    • The course sharpens participants’ business acumen and commitment to improving work process at all levels, impacting financials and customer satisfaction and even deriving strategic benefits.
    • Participants may learn how to streamline considerably, which may allow them to make improvements within all areas of budget, including adding to revenue and improving the bottom line.
    • The program is likely to develop competency around process improvement and enhance career opportunities
  • Who should attend?

    The program is designed to suit graduates and experienced professionals from a wide range of domains. Specifically, the program may be suited for:

    • Quality professionals
    • Delivery managers
    • Team leaders
    • Process/project managers
    • Financial controllers
    • Quality controller
    • Senior associates
    • Front line supervisor
    • Factory supervisors
    • Management professionals
    • Engineers
    • Quality analyst
    • Business analyst
  • Our Approach
    • Include - EY has designed live projects, which are carried out during the training tenure to better clarify the concepts and help participants apply them under the supervision of experienced professionals.
    • Develop - Participants develop solutions, recommendations and target models as part of a model case.
    • Engage - Participants would be involved at all levels of the training to ensure the concepts are clear through practice with a focus on practical application.
  • Deliverables
    EY - Deliverables 4 Days of face to Face Sessions delivered by experienced Six Sigma Certified Professionals
    EY - Deliverables Handouts of Presentations used during the training
    EY - Deliverables 6 months of EY Learning Management System (EY LMS) access containing recorded videos, presentations and a host of other tools and tips
    EY - Deliverables 3 months of LIVE ONLINE Query support after the completion of the program
  • Program Schedule and Contact person




    Contact person


    Face-to-face sessions 4 day program 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th October 2018 Yashika Aggarwal
    Mobile: +91 9999034363
    Email: yashika.aggarwal@in.ey.com


    Face-to-face sessions 4 day program 14th, 15th, 21th, 22th December 2018 Shweta Manchanda
    Mobile: +91 9811638456
    Email: shweta.manchanda@in.ey.com
  • Fee for the program
    Total investment in the program will be INR 25000 + Applicable Taxes
  • Assessment and certification
    • Assessment would be conducted towards the end of the program. Participants need to achieve a minimum score of 50% to pass the exam.
    • Project submission should be done towards the end of the program.
    • All participants who meet the above criteria would be awarded Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate of completion
  • Agenda


    High Level Agenda

    Topics include

    Day 1

    Six Sigma & Project Initiation

    Quality & It’s evolution

    Various Process Improvement

    Six Sigma Overview

    DMAIC Overview

    Initiating the Project

    Define Phase - Tools & Techniques

    Day 2   

    Measurement of Existing Process

    Types of Data

    Understanding Data

    Data Visualization

    Process Capability

    Sampling Techniques

    Measurement System Analysis”

    Day 3

    Ascertaining Vital Causes

    Various Quality Tools

    Understanding Distributions

    Hypothesis Testing

    Identification of Causes

    Brainstorming techniques

    Generating Solutions

    Lean Principles”

    Day 4 

    Improvement Quantification & Sustaining the benefits

    Waste Identification

    Value Analysis through Value
    Stream Mapping

    Design of Experiment

    Solutions Assessment techniques

    Risk Mitigation Techniques

    Improvement Validation

    Sustenance Plan

    Establishing Process Controls”