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When factory floors are smart, will you still need supervisors?

EY can help you build a responsive, secure, cooperative environment so you can make the right decision and take the right action at the right time

The Smart Shop Floor

Market leaders are already building the components of a digital factory

The Internet of things (IoT) has the potential to transform the manufacturing industry, creating smart machines that can make the right decision and take the right action at the right time.

In our experience with organizations in this sector, many manufacturers have already deployed IoT devices or sensors in parts of their plants, but only a few of these initiatives have reached their full potential. This is often because they are purely project-based initiatives that address specific issues — not the root cause.

The real opportunity to achieve the benefits of IoT is to join up all these point solutions: evolving enterprise resource planning (ERP), order execution, equipment, maintenance and quality systems into a responsive, secure, cooperative and continuously improving environment focused on achieving zero losses throughout the supply chain.

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Currently many manufacturers — even those with large-scale IoT deployments— are struggling with this critical step to make the entire shop floor smart. Major hurdles include:

  • The standard approach of tackling the issue piece by piece to get a quick win
  • Not having a complete vision of the shop floor
  • The fear of losing productivity when adopting new technology
  • The challenge of linking agile modern technology with legacy systems
  • Transforming redundant or non-optimized practices into lean processes before the technology can deliver benefits
  • Connecting data, assets and humans to enable seamless operations across all technologies

EY can help accelerate your progress with our connected approach to digital transformation

EY’s supply Chain and Operations practice can help organizations create the connected world needed to make all aspects of the shop floor equally smart – and to make sure all these smart parts work together.

  • What we bring?
    • Future-thinking and proven methodologies to assess maturity and create a practical, low-risk transformation plan for moving to a digital factory environment in a given time frame
    • EY Managed Applications Platform (MAP) – supporting interoperability with security governance and a platform for all IoT solutions in the enterprise, supporting integrated awareness, autonomous maintenance, defect handling and rapid changeover
    • Experience in strategy, lean operations, continuous improvement, people and organization
    • An ecosystem of solution providers, technology partners, academic institutions and startup firms – giving you access to the right technologies and innovation capabilities
    • An agile service framework to help de-risk execution
  • How we can help you develop?
    • Smart workforce – mobile workers form high-performing teams; directed work facilitates execution of the right operations or maintenance tasks at the right time
    • Smart processes – that recognize emerging deviations from the modelled centerline and dynamically adjusts the operating sequence to eliminate losses
    • Smart equipment – that can measure operating conditions, quality results and faults, and use machine learning to improve productivity by refining operating settings
    • Smart maintenance – using condition-based and predictive maintenance to reduce downtime
    • Smart back office – where production plans adjust dynamically and real-time stock levels improve Available to Promise (ATP) accuracy and order compliance
    • Smart materials – that self-identify and actively participate in inventory, transportation and scrap management
    • Smart metrics – that indicate how your evolving manufacturing environment is continuously improving while highlighting areas of concern for immediate action, with support for powerful analytics to help determine an appropriate way forward

In 2016, while working with several manufacturers around the globe, EY’s digital factory approach helped some organizations to deliver the following results:

  • Fifteen percent Operating Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) increase
  • Twenty percent throughput increase
  • Thirty five percent downtime reduction
  • Ninety nine percent Certified Quality Systems (CQS) improvement
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) 100% improved

Why EY?

Digital is embedded in everything we do. We have been:

  • Named a Leader according to the IDC MarketScape worldwide digital strategy consulting services for digital operations vendor assessment report1
  • Named a Vanguard Leader for digital supply chain planning and design consulting2
  • Named a Leader in digital logistics consulting by ALM Intelligence in its report entitled competitive landscape analysis3
EY - competencies

We can help connect your organization with an ecosystem of digital players: vendors, technology associates, academic institutions and start-ups.

  • Over 20,000 entrepreneur companies
  • A dozen strategic technology associates
  • Over 100 digital technology platforms and products
  • Access to global peer networks within and from other industries

Digital Supply Chain & Operations practice

EY has a proven track record of helping organizations transform their warehouse operations using leading technology platforms, software and leveraging digital capabilities such as IoT, 3D printing, robotics, predictive analytics, machine learning and augmented reality.