Cognitive Robotic Process Automation

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Automation is changing the way corporations work dramatically

All back office functions are facing a disruptive revolution. Automation is changing the way corporations move towards building a digital workforce. EY has been building up competencies and has established proof of concept designs across the globe, as well as a Centre of Excellence (COE) in India to be ahead of the market.

Frontend software technology has come to the point that enables software robots (Bots) to perform human actions and automate repetitive tasks across multiple business applications. The technology is developing fast and can be described by three categories depending on the level of “intelligence”:

  1. Rule-based automation – Robots that follow a set of pre-defined rules that describe tasks
  2. Enhanced/intelligent process automation – Robots that can understand unstructured data, human communication (e.g. voice or email) and draw conclusions from data cross-checking
  3. Cognitive platforms – Robots that learn from experience in the same way as humans do in order to perform complex tasks without human interference.

Optimize beyond conventional solutions through workforce automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables process improvement to go beyond process re-engineering/optimization or labor arbitrage. The efficiency of existing robotic solutions outperform any employee many times over, but as important is the fact that robots don't make mistakes, work 24/7 and can be ramped up in an instance to match volatile demand. RPA also provides full audit trails and process compliance. RPA can be deployed without altering existing IT infrastructure and systems. This lowers implementation risk and supports ROI – usually in the range of 4-6 months.

There are substantial benefits of implementing RPA

EY - There are substantial benefits of implementing RPA

Key characteristics for companies with significant RPA value potential

There are a set of “key tells” that provide guidance on where RPA will be a solution with strong capability to unlock value. (All points do not have to be fulfilled)

  • Data intensive
  • Involve manual calculation
  • Repetitive in nature
  • High error rates
  • Rule-driven
  • Sensitive content
  • Electronic trigger to the process
  • Can be performed out of office hours
  • Have electronic start-points and endpoints
  • Complex IT landscape

We can deliver end-to-end solutions

We provide services that support organizations throughout the entire RPA journey, from defining the strategy to continuous improvement and innovation. We can help in creating COEs within your organization and the actual RPA operations as a service. 

Our approach is designed to target the right operations and ensure benefit realization

We are the preferred consultancy within RPA due to our leading advisory role within outsourcing, a strong proven Robotics track record, and skill transfer – enabling the client’s capabilities and creating long lasting impact for your organization.

We work on-site with close daily collaboration with the client, ensuring an agile implementation process, rapid delivery and knowledge transfer.

Our approach to digital workforce journey –

We are building proof of value in several areas such as Metabots, Cognitive automation, machine learning, as well agile robotics. 

We bring market-leading competencies to our clients with six pillars that characterize our value proposition

Independent of Software Providers
  • We focus entirely on being a trusted advisor for your business
  • EY is independent of all software providers and have no licensing interests
  • We want you to succeed with RPA, independent of the software you choose
Knowledge of your business
  • We combine deep sector and industry insights with hands-on robotics competencies ensuring optimal value from RPA solutions for the client
Skill and knowledge transferring
  • We place strong expertise on building in-house robotics capabilities at the client
  • We help define a suitable robotics governance and operating model while training and mentoring your staff in the software
  • Working with EY, you always own IP rights , meaning no risk of supplier lock-in
Robotics Track Record
  • We have vast end-to-end experience within RPA pilots, productions, operating models and licences
  • We have invested in a Centre of Excellence, continuously refining and enhancing our RPA services
Agile delivery model
  • We use an agile delivery approach with RPA trained on-site consultants
  • We work on-site which enables multiple interactions co-creation and accelerated automation

We support our clients in unlocking the value of RPA, no matter how far along the RPA journey.