Climate Change and Sustainability Services

EY and You

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  • Questions to ask yourself

    If you cannot answer “yes” to all these questions, your organizations’ sustainability strategies may need to be upgraded.

    • Do we have an overall climate change and sustainability strategy?
    • Does the strategy consider all relevant opportunities to generate revenue and reduce costs?
    • Do we know about all the regulations that affect our business? Do we know about compliance-related costs?
    • Do we know how to access energy and material for the next few decades? At what cost?
    • Have we recently assessed the effectiveness of our social compliance program and human rights status in our supply chain?
    • Have we assessed where natural resource shortages are likely to prove most critical in our supply chain?

Why EY?

EY has helped its clients around the world to develop, execute and measure broad sustainability strategies.

  • In an independent survey of global corporate sustainability leaders, conducted by Verdantix, EY was named the firm with the strongest perceived capabilities to advise its clients on global sustainability strategies.
  •  EY’s global reach stretches across 170 countries.
  •  EY is accredited or certified by many different regulatory and tax regimes around the world. The firm’s experienced professionals actively help its clients in diverse jurisdictions.
  • EY supports its clients with a multidisciplinary team approach to address all their strategic sustainability needs. With a large number of subject-matter resources on its rolls, from geologists and tax professionals to former government officials and auditors, we can advise our clients on an enterprise-wide basis.
  • EY contributes to technical sustainability-related working groups that aim to standardize definitions and approaches, such as the International Integrated Reporting Commission (IIRC), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).
  • EY’s 190,000 people around the world come to work every day with one mission — building a better working world. There is no more direct way of achieving this mission than by helping our clients establish and achieve their sustainability goals.

EY and You