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EY - Climate Change and Sustainability Services
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As consistent economic growth is slowly restored across the world, the next great challenge is likely to be optimization of this growth in a resource constrained world. Maximizing opportunities in emerging markets such as India, while remaining within the energy threshold and environmental carrying capacity, will require unprecedented levels of determination, innovation and cooperation.

Sustainability is no longer just a fashionable word. It is a structured approach to achieving a holistic and triple bottom line growth. Apart from risk identification and mitigation, as well as a significant improvement in the efficiency of processes and systems for optimization of resources, the other proven tangible and intangible benefits of sustainability include its positive impact on employees’ morale, an organization being recognized as an employer of choice, supply chains being motivated to adopt leading practices and consumers being educated on the importance of responsible behavior. After years of it being perceived as cost-centric, we are now finally realizing the true value-addition made by implementation of sustainability-related measures!