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EY - Marco Mazzucchelli MED - TAS Managing Partner
Marco Mazzucchelli

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EY - Steve Krouskos Global Vice Chair
Steve Krouskos

Contact Steve Contact  |  +1 212 773 3975
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EY - Julie Hood Global Deputy Leader
Julie Hood

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EY - William M. Casey Americas Vice Chair
William M. Casey

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EY - Harsha Basnayake Asia-Pacific Leader
Harsha Basnayake

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 EY - Andrea Guerzoni Europe, Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA) Leader
Andrea Guerzoni

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EY - Vince Smith Japan Leader
Vince Smith

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Marco Mazzucchelli
MED - TAS Managing Partner

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 IT as a driver for M&A success

IT as a driver of M&A success

Together with Mergermarket, we surveyed 220 senior corporate and private equity executives about the challenges and risks that IT can present in the transaction process. Learn more in our latest report and video.