A photographic portrait of David Northcut
The increasing complexity of income tax laws around the world creates unique challenges in ensuring accurate and transparent income tax reporting and disclosures for many public companies.

David Northcut

EY Global Director – Tax Accounting and Risk Advisory Services

35 years of experience at EY focusing on Tax.

David Northcut is a partner at Ernst & Young LLP US in EY National Tax practice and Director of the EY Tax Accounting and Risk Advisory practice with nearly 35 years of experience. As a Director, he regularly consults with the organization’ largest clients regarding complex tax, international and accounting issues.

David serves as a EY Global Tax Accounting Quality Control Review Leader for many of the organization’s largest public clients, and regularly meets with EY teams for tax accounting matters. He works with clients under US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and International Financial Reporting Standards.

With extensive experience related to the tax accounting implications of complex multinational acquisitions, David focuses on the application of purchase price accounting and tax accounting implications of post-acquisition integration transactions. He served as the lead tax accounting resource and tax accounting technical advisor on numerous transactions.

David has earned a master’s degree in Taxation from Texas Tech University.

How David is building a better working world

"Key stakeholders rely on public information to assess the effectiveness of tax policy decisions, not just for the company but for a much broader constituency. My role in building a better working world is to help take care that these stakeholders have visibility and clarity into the results of many of the policy decisions."

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