Photographic portrait of Espen Norheim
Global energy production, transmission and consummation are in deep transformation, driven primarily by technology advancement and consumers’ increasing focus on sustainability and the environment.

Espen Norheim

EY Nordics Transaction Advisory Services Partner

Passionate about transactions, M&A and corporate finance.

With 15 years of operational, market, R&D and strategic experience, Espen is a member of the EY Nordic Executive group and EY Global Oil & Gas management team. He serves as EY Nordics Transaction Advisory Services Partner based in Stavanger, Norway.

His experience includes executive management, sales and business development directorship, valuation and commercial due diligence within the oil and gas and telecom sectors and oil and gas M&A, macro analysis, international business development and OFS technology development.

He holds a BSc in Cybernetics and Automation from the University of Stavanger.

How Espen is building a better working world

“I like to think that my own and EY’s priority focus on the energy sector are contributing somewhat in the global quest to provide efficient energy supply to the world’s populations. This will then facilitate economic advancement, growth and prosperity for communities, which will help to build a better working world.”

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