Gary Singer
What worked in the past does not necessarily work today. Given fast-changing consumer needs and channel disruption, CPG companies continue to struggle with growing top- and bottom-line performance.

Gary Singer

EY Americas Consumer Products & Retail Advisory Principal and Sales Effectiveness Leader

Sales effectiveness leader in consumer products and retail. Passionate about helping companies grow. Deep knowledge of trade promotion. Avid skier.

フォーカスエリア Growth 消費財・小売 顧客 戦略
事業所 Chicago, US

With over 25 years of industry experience, Gary serves as EY Americas Consumer Products & Retail Advisory Principal and Sales Effectiveness Leader.

Prior to joining us, he worked as Global Trade Promotion Practice Lead for a large professional services company, a management consultant for a business services firm and a marketing analyst for a multinational personal and household products manufacturer.

He is a frequent presenter and board member at the Promotion Optimization Institute. Gary has published many articles and whitepapers, including Can smarter pricing and promotion reduce the emphasis on discounting? How to make price and promotion work harder.

He has an MBA in Marketing and Statistics from The University of Chicago and a BS in Quantitative Business Analysis from Penn State University.

How Gary is building a better working world

“In my work with clients, I focus on how companies can grow their businesses and create new jobs as a result. While we can’t ignore the role that cost-cutting plays in today’s CPG environment, we can try to help companies think about how to use their cost savings to drive sustainable growth.”

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