Privacy Statement

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1. Basic principle
  We collect personal information to the extent necessary for the smooth operation of the services provided by EY Japan. The information collected shall be properly handled and used only for the purposes stated below. In striving to protect personal information, we adhere to the Act on the Protection of Privacy Information and other privacy laws. Prior notice shall be given on shared usage or provision to a third party.
2. Information to be collected
(1) We obtain personal information only to the extent needed to provide and introduce professional services by the companies of EY Japan.
(2) When either making inquiries, seeking to register for seminars or Email newsletter or making use of recruitment information on the EY Japan homepage (hereafter referred to as “the Site”), we ask that you voluntarily register your name, company name, post code, address, phone number, mail address, gender, etc (hereafter referred to as “user attributes”).
(3) On the Site, information may be automatically collected on the user’s internet domain name, IP address, browsing of this site, and others.
(4) When you scan a QR Code, the third party that we engage to provide our QR Codes (3GVision) may collect certain information from your mobile device (such as your mobile device identifier and IP address). 3GVision uses this information only on our behalf for the purpose of providing anonymised statistical reports to us about users of our website and services.
3. Purposes for using personal information
(1) Other than that to provide various professional services of EY Japan group companies, the personal information as provided by Article 2, paragraph (1) and (2) will be used for the following purposes:
  1. Notices on upcoming seminars
  2. Providing information through Email newsletter or others
  3. Notices on and delivery of publications
  4. Notices on various services provided
  5. Providing information on job applications, selection process, and viewing of your application history
  6. Responses to inquiries
(2) The information collected as provided by Article 2, paragraph (3) will be used mainly for the following purposes as a reference for the smooth operation of services provided at the Site:
  1. To investigate the causes of and solve problems that occurred on the server
  2. For site management
4. Restriction on use and provision of the information collected
  EY Japan, unless when disclosure is required by law or in cases of unauthorized access, threats or other illegal activities, will, except in cases when there are other special reasons, neither make use of the collected information for purposes other than those as provided by Article 3 nor provide it to a third party.
5. Security control measures
(1) EY Japan takes the measures necessary to prevent leakage, loss or damage of collected information, and for the appropriate control of collected information. The personal information collected will be handled safely under strict control based on the Basic Policy and Management Rules on Personal Information Protection of EY Japan group companies.
(2) EY Japan will share the obtained personal information (name, business title, business and other address, e-mail address, phone and fax number, etc.) among its group companies or other EY member firms depending upon the purpose for which it was provided.Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC is in charge of administering this shared use.
(3) EY Japan may use the personal information jointly with organizations other than those given above to the extent needed for purposes such as holding seminars. In such cases when jointly using collected personal information, the purpose of such use, scope of users and the administrator for its shared use will be specified in advance to the person who entered the personal information.
(4) EY Japan may entrust the handing of personal information as a part of its business to an entity under a non-disclosure agreement. In cases of entrusting the handling of personal information to a third party, a strict investigation of the third party is carried out, after which it is properly supervised as needed in order to maintain the safe management of personal information.
6. Personal information disclosure request
  EY Japan discloses registration information upon request from users. In the event of a complaint on the accuracy of the contents of this information, a review of such contents will be followed by any amendment, revision, addition or removal of the registered information.
7. Range of Application
  This privacy policy is applied only to the Site. Handling of information on linked pages outside the Site is carried out under the responsibility of each respective organization.
8. Contact Information
  Please contact the following area for any inquiries or complaints or disclosures concerning personal information.

Contact Information
Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC Public Relations
2-2-3 Uchisaiwaicho, Hibiya Kokusai Building ,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011
TEL:03 (3503) 1037

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