Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction

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Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction assurance services

Our service portfolio is aligned to address the agenda of 'creating long term value' and assist our clients in their everyday business challenges. This includes helping clients:

  • Support business strategy and transformation
  • Improve measurement and reporting, and provide confidence through assurance
  • Manage risk and help ensure compliance
  • Improve effective management through provision of systems, processes and tools

So whether it be 'Climate change and energy', 'Sustainability and supply chain advisory', 'Human Rights', 'Creating Shared Value', 'Environmental, Social & Governance Strategy', 'Nonfinancial reporting advisory and assurance', 'Outcomes measurement and valuation' or 'Environment, health and safety', each seeks to provide solutions to the most common, and pressing, of business challenges.

The areas where we provide assistance include:

  • Sustainability and supply chain advisory
  • Human Rights
  • Creating shared value advisory (CSV)
  • Environmental, Social & Governance Strategy (ESG)
  • Nonfinancial reporting advisory and assurance
  • Outcomes measurement and valuation
  • Climate change and energy
  • Environment, health and safety

Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction industry

The RH&C industry is particularly vulnerable to issues involving energy and water use as well as human capital and land use. Stakeholder demands for better working conditions, energy efficiency as well as health and safety have impacted many companies. In addition, land rights issues are often the catalyst for bringing negative attention from NGOs.

Examples of our work:

Client objective

  • The client wishes to align with leading Human Rights policies and implement changes within their company.

Our contribution

  • The Human Rights service drafts corporate policy aimed at aligning the company with international guidelines. Further, we develop a tailored e-learning program that can be used within the organization to raise awareness of potential human rights risks and violations and advise on how to best handle them.

Client objective

  • Client needs to build in a part of the world they have not previously done business in.

Our contribution

  • We provide Environmental due diligence services aimed at ensuring all local regulations are complied with. In addition we provide strategy for community outreach to better engage with stakeholders and avoid misunderstandings that can lead to business disruption.

Client objective

  • The client is looking to improve energy and water usage.

Our contribution

  • Our Environmental management advisory provides a detailed analysis of the current status, identify weaknesses, benchmark best practices and suggests better strategies that create business opportunities and avoid risks.

Client objective

  • Construction Company - (Sustainable Development Goals) SDG alignment

Our contribution

  • EY supported the client’s materiality analysis by assessing the maturity of their ESG disclosure in comparison to their peer companies and identify the material topics relevant for their business strategy. In addition, EY helped the client align their current CSR activities with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and set KPI on the activities that are relevant for their material topics. The client will, over the course of the next three years be able to broaden and deepen their reporting on the impact they are making towards the SDGs using the roadmap an analysis we provided.

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