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E-Newsletter September 2017

Dear Reader,

Keiichi UshijimaSince GPIF selected stock indices for ESG investment, which looks at companies that focus on environment and corporate governance in July 2017, ESG investment is increasingly drawing attention. On the back of this, Daiwa Asset Management is expected to get their first ESG ETFs listed in late September. Currently, global ESG investment in total is estimated over 20 trillion dollars (approx. 2200 trillion JPY) and GPIF is to start ESG investment of 1 trillion JPY (however, CIO of GPIF Mr. Mizuno stated 1 trillion JPY is too small and will consider moving this to 10%). ESG investment has expanded mainly in Europe and the United States and now it seems to start growing in Japan. This trend pushes Japanese businesses to further more transparent disclosure.


What is the HLPF?

CCaSS Newsletter-Sep-2017 article01 The High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development was held from July 10th to July 19th at the UN headquarters in New York. In this year's HLPF, "Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world” was set as the central theme. Thematic reviews were held on seven of the SDGs, as well as 43 country Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs), including Japan. EY dispatched one representative to the Forum for two weeks, and investigated the latest trends and future prospects of the SDGs.

Natural Rubber – The Next Focus for Sustainable Forestry

CCaSS Newsletter-Sep-2017 article02 This month, we take a look at how the definition of sustainable forestry is evolving, why sustainable natural rubber is rapidly becoming the newest focal point, and what companies can do to prepare for upcoming movement in their industries.

Finance Sector under Pressure: Rising human rights expectations flow with funding

CCaSS Newsletter-Sep-2017 article03 There has been a greatly increased focus on the finance industry in recent times in the context of business and human rights, and in particular on the expectation that the industry uses its leverage to contribute to combatting such abuses as modern slavery. In this article we discuss a report released in July by the United Nations University outlining these expectations and suggested strategies for the finance industry to meet them, and note the flow-on effect on other sectors.

Tapping into the potential of Impact Investing in SDGs financing.

CCaSS Newsletter-Sep-2017 article04Many reports indicate that there is a huge funding shortfall to realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. One of the efforts to close the gap is to navigate private finance to investments with strong social and environmental benefits that eventually contribute to the SDGs. In this article, we discuss the positive developments of impact investing in SDGs financing and how impact investing connects to SDGs.

What is driving so many Japanese companies to set Science Based Targets(SBT)?

CCaSS Newsletter-Sep-2017 article05 Science-based targets are an essential step in the integration of environmental long-term goals into a company’s business strategy. Companies who are able to effectively communicate a well-considered long-term vision can improve investor confidence in their approach to managing non-financial risks and opportunities, particularly in relation to climate change.

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