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E-Newsletter Spring 2019

Dear Readers,

jpn_chikako_matsumoto.jpgIt is with great pleasure that I share our first newsletter of this year. As Japan has entered a new era, it is a fitting moment to look back at how far we’ve come in the past years in promoting corporate sustainability in Japan. At the same time, I am reminded of the need to keep looking ahead at global sustainability trends and build on existing momentum.

We are excited to share the results of our latest Investor Survey ‘Does your nonfinancial reporting tell your value creation story? ’, which exemplified the need to keep building on this existing momentum. More than ever investors are using ESG factors in evaluating company's nonfinancial disclosures as part of investment decision making (97% of those surveyed). In particular, risks related to governance, supply chain, human rights and climate change were the ESG factors most likely to impact investments. And yet, investors raised that there is a long way to go for companies to fully understand what is material, what is relevant and how best to report it.

2018 Investor Survey

CCaSS newsletter Winter 2019 article01EY’s 2018 Global Climate Change and Sustainability Services study of institutional investors reveals a notable consensus globally that ESG information is critical to investor decision-making. Investors around the world expect more abundant and more standardized reporting of nonfinancial performance information that is material to valuation. Both investors and issuers are increasingly using such information to assess the risks and opportunities that drive the creation of long-term value for their companies.

2018 United Nations Business and Human Rights Forum Highlights

CCaSS newsletter Winter 2019 article02In November 2018, the 7th Annual Forum on Business and Human Rights was held at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland for three days. In this forum, various companies’ human rights due diligence practices were highlighted. For companies, implementing and disclosing human rights due diligence efforts are becoming essential to reducing their general management risk and maintaining competitiveness. In this newsletter, Masataka Nagoshi, a manager of EY Japan’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services who participated in this forum, will introduce the highlights of this forum.

Regulatory trends on microplastics

CCaSS newsletter Winter 2019 article 03In 2018, microplastics received significant media attention amid growing concerns on their health and ecosystem impacts. Within Japan this was, in part, prompted by the draft release of the Plastics Resource Strategy by the Japanese Ministry of Environment (MOE), as well as several high-profile restaurant chains announcing their intention to phase-out use of plastic straws. Additionally, the European Union’s (EU) first-ever Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy was adopted in 2018, establishing regulations to promote recycled plastics, and outlining concerns on the increasing rates of microplastics. Japanese companies trading plastic raw materials or products with the EU must understand the changing regulatory requirements, and take action to comply with the new requirements in a timely manner.

Thought Leadership

CCaSS Newsletter 2019 Spring Thought LeadershipOver the last 10 years, investors have come to place ever-greater importance on the role that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors play when evaluating companies in which to invest. ESG factors have now become integral to the investment decision-making process for institutional investors around the world. This message has been the central theme of the fourth edition of EY’s research on institutional investor’s attitudes towards ESG and nonfinancial reporting, and its role in their decision-making.


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accounting for climate change

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