Japan tax newsletter | 19 Decemter 2018

2019 Japan tax reform outline

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On 14 December 2018, Japan’s ruling coalition party released the 2019 tax reform outline. Below is an overview of the major amendments and revised provisions contained in the outline. Please note that provisions may be revised, deleted or added during Diet deliberations regarding the reform bill.


Corporate taxation
1) Revision of R&D tax credits
2) Reorganization tax rules
3) Small and medium enterprises
4) Other

Individual income taxation and asset taxation
1) Establishment of business succession tax rules for sole proprietors
2) Other

International taxation
1) Revision of transfer pricing rules
2) Revision of earnings stripping rules
3) Revision of foreign subsidiary income inclusion taxation rules (CFC rules)
4) Other

Preparation of the tax payment environment
1) Preparation of information query procedures
2) Treatment of cryptocurrencies
3) Other

Other amendments and revisions
1) Measures in conjunction with the increasing of the consumption tax rate
2) Other

* Please see the following PDF for the full contents.

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