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Banking and capital markets advisory services

Banking and Capital Markets advisory services

Operations, risk and finance management activities, as well as compliance and internal audit programs, are not just functional parts of a business — they are complex and interlinked, and their effectiveness impacts the bottom-line.

By first identifying and helping you understand your institution's business risks and areas of improvement, our advisory professionals then develop pragmatic plans to enhance processes, address issues and assist with implementing measurable and sustainable performance enhancements.

Operations management

We understand it is essential to build and maintain effective and efficient operations that support strategic goals, regulatory requirements and emerging demands — all while under pressure to minimize expenses. By providing practical recommendations on how to align, optimize and sustain operating environments, we can help improve and integrate processes and controls, enhance productivity and reduce costs.

Finance management

The finance function affects every corner of the enterprise and today's finance departments are under growing scrutiny. Accordingly, a comprehensive approach to people, processes and technology is needed.

As a trusted adviser of CFOs and treasury departments, we work to help you develop or refine the vision of your company's finance function. We focus on processes, cost reductions as well as guidance on accounting process changes — such as a conversion from US generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) — and supporting IT initiatives.

Risk management

Decision-makers today must plan to manage, mitigate and capitalize on the risks they know, and respond to new risks as they emerge. Our top-ranked risk management professionals help access options and improve processes, and assist with the management of risk as an enterprise-wide discipline. Whether you are facing challenges managing credit risk, market risk, or operational risk and quantitative analysis, our team has a broad range of experience.


Technology is a common challenge across multiple functions within an organization. We have a dedicated IT team that provides technology risk, solution enablement, information management and technology security services to assist with:

  • IT architecture, solution review, vendor application evaluation and implementation
  • Collection, storage, use and quality of information
  • Assessing and improving the way technology enables business processes
  • Designing, implementing and maintaining secure and high-performance IT environments

Regulatory and supervisory compliance

Recent global financial reform has demonstrated that compliance with new regulations will require financial services institutions to execute enterprise-wide changes. Stakeholders across the organization need to work together and, in many cases, institutions will need to execute well-coordinated, multiyear projects with the flexibility to adapt to evolving regulations. It is crucial for financial firms to have effective programs established to meet new requirements and supervisory expectations.

Even though many regulatory requirements are still emerging, getting an early start is crucial. We can assist in evaluating your readiness to manage change, put in place appropriate governance structures and processes, and initiate implementation projects to address the priority aspects of upcoming regulation.

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