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Wealth and asset management assurance services

Our global audit methodology focuses on how your business works and on understanding the risks related to financial statements and internal controls over financial reporting. We provide a flexible audit framework with a systematic approach to planning an efficient and effective audit.
On this foundation, we collaborate with clients to co-develop expectations, reduce risk and provide an audit tailored to their needs. Our audit services draw upon:

  • An in-depth understanding of the industry supported by a professional team dedicated full time to the wealth and asset management sector
  • Leading practice insights resulting in recommendations for improvement of internal controls and operational efficiency
  • A global audit methodology, consistently applied

Attention to risk

Our longstanding experience in the industry provides us with uncommon insights into the spectrum of potential risks and the necessary internal controls. Valuation has increasingly become one of the most challenging areas that funds and their boards of directors face.

In uncertain market conditions, coupled with the proliferation of ever more complex and innovative financial instruments and product designs, fund managers demand an experienced and broad team of professionals to serve them.

Our audit teams leverage the knowledge and skills of all of our member firms’ wealth and asset management practices, including those of internal valuation professionals in the areas of derivatives, structured products and private company valuations.

In addition, we offer services customized to meet your internal control reporting needs. Whether SSAE 16 or ISAE 3402 exams or agreed-upon procedures for rating agency agreements, valuation and compliance programs, we work with you to find the appropriate recommendations to meet your needs as well as the needs of your user community.

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Evgeny Zhemaletdinov
Partner, Assurance Services

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