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Government & Public Sector

Doing more with less

Policy-makers are operating in a rapidly-changing world. Shifting demographics, urbanization and climate change are just a few of the long-term and systemic trends reshaping 21st century government.

And with finances tight, growth stalling and unemployment high, the legacy of the financial crisis continues to play out across borders.

Our Government & Public Sector practice aims to be the preferred partner in driving transformational change for governments around the world. In countries large and small, developed and emerging, we understand the issues and can provide you services that will have lasting impact.

  • Advising on public–private partnerships

    EY has a leading public–private partnership (PPP) advisory group, having accumulated considerable experience of work with public authorities throughout the world, including expertise in debt advisory.

    Along with PPP and concession projects in Western Europe, North America and Australia, where PPP schemes of financing are not new and the debt financing market is strongly developed, EY has performed pilot PPP projects in Russia and CIS countries.

    In Russia, our projects have included development of PPP structures for construction of airports, toll roads and other infrastructure. Our Project Finance team includes PPP specialists as well as banking, finance, transport and engineering experts, allowing us to perform our assignments with high quality and strong results.

    Internationally, our team works with governments and major infrastructure companies, enriching our experience with the best international standards and practices associated with PPP projects.

    Contacts - Timur Pulatov, Jannat Salimova-Tekay

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  • Defense

    Public sector debt is spiraling in many countries, and the desire to reduce budget deficits has suddenly become top priority for policy-makers around the world. Portfolios across the whole spectrum of government are coming under pressure. Defense is no exception.

    However, while armed forces will likely continue to be required to reduce budgets even while national demands on their capabilities remain very high, two trends are evident. In the Western world, the spending growth typical of high-developed countries that dominated the defense landscape for decades is over. In developing countries, defense spending is increasing significantly. Because they have lower public debt levels, most of them are successfully funding the expansion of their defense capabilities.

    EY help governments around the world move toward increasing effectiveness through improved organizational structure, procurement and resource management.

  • Infrastructure

    Infrastructure investment and development is a top priority for governments globally — an indispensable necessity for poverty reduction, social progress and inclusive economic growth. While rapid urbanization is putting pressure on emerging markets to develop critical new infrastructure, developed economies need to expand existing infrastructure due to aging assets and sustained underinvestment.

    With global population expected to reach 8 billion by 2025, infrastructure investments are needed to supply sufficient water, roads, bridges, housing and power.

    Infrastructure projects are significant in size, scope, complexity, and in financing arrangements. They also bring increased public scrutiny. We offer a full range of financial, tax and legal advisory services on infrastructure projects.

    EY Infrastructure team has extensive experience in project preparation, implementation and monitoring. We provide support from the earliest stages of analysis, from project evaluation and feasibility study to procurement, financial close, construction, operations. We can assist our clients in devising and comparing financial plans, developing appropriate legal structure of the project and delivery approaches for projects that involve public, federal or private financing — and provide support to our clients in their implementation of those plans.

    EY Infrastructure Advisory team actively pursues the majority of high-profile infrastructure projects in Russia including major toll road projects, airport projects and utilities projects.

    We are familiar with Russian regulatory requirements in the infrastructure sector and have a deep understanding of tax, commercial and legal issues of business. We have a strong track record of collaboration with technical experts and industry advisors in transport, airport and utilities projects.

    Contacts - Timur Pulatov, Jannat Salimova-Tekay

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  • Tax & customs

    Business and tax landscapes are changing dramatically, and the pace and complexity of change continues to increase. EY help clients across the globe navigate this shifting landscape.

    Governments are tempering the need for revenue with increased competition for labor and capital. Tax authorities are adapting their enforcement strategies, focus and policies in response to the changing dynamics of business. Our Global GPS Tax team can provide tax compliance and advisory services, tax policy development, as well as support the strengthening and modernization of tax and customs administrations.

    Contact - Konstantin Yurchenko

  • Transport

    Transport is vital to any nation’s prosperity and standard of living. The solutions required to solve transport challenges are becoming increasingly complex. With government funding now very limited, governments need to be innovative to increase competitiveness through improvements in transport efficiency and customer service in the face of population growth and capacity constraints.

    EY is at the forefront with service providers and government policy makers as we meet these challenges. Our global network of professionals is skilled in all aspects of the sector. Working across both the passenger and freight sectors, we assist governments with:

    • Transport strategic planning
    • Transport investment business cases
    • Customer experience and service improvement initiatives
    • Commercial and financial advice on major transport projects
    • Contestability and commissioning
    • Regulatory reform
    • Business process transformation and change management
    • Strategic procurement and program management
    • Enterprise-wide risk management and internal audit
    • Business information and management reporting reform.

    Contacts - Timur Pulatov, Jannat Salimova-Tekay

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