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Global Trade

Customs law and global trade practice renders complex support of activities of companies on the following issues:

Foreign trade activities

  • structuring and drafting of foreign trade agreements
  • advising on a wide range of issues of customs clearance of imported / exported goods
  • advising on the selection of optimal customs procedures, taking into account the destination of imported goods and the specifics of companies’ activities
  • advising on the possibility of applying customs privileges and assistance in obtaining them
  • advising on certification, licensing and allocation of quotas for the import of goods, as well as on export control issues
  • advising on currency regulation and currency control in Kazakhstan
  • inclusion of items of intellectual property (trademarks) in the customs register of items of intellectual property
  • optimization of business processes related to foreign trade operations and customs clearance of goods.

Classification of goods

  • advising on the classification of goods in accordance with the Unified Customs Tariff of the Eurasian Economic Union (“EEU”)
  • assistance in preparation of documentation for obtaining preliminary decisions on the classification of goods
  • challenging decisions of customs authorities on the classification of goods.

Customs valuation and confirmation of customs value

  • advising on selecting the valuation method and structure of the customs value of imported goods
  • advising on the inclusion of license fees for the use of intellectual property items in the customs value of imported goods.

Customs review of companies for the presence of risks of additional charges of customs duties and taxes, the use of administrative penalties and penal sanctions, non-compliance with licensing and permit requirements

  • verification and analysis of customs returns and accompanying documents of companies for the correct customs valuation, classification of goods, application of benefits and other issues of customs and tariff and non-tariff regulation
  • provision of recommendations on minimization or elimination of identified risks.

Protection of interest of companies in the customs bodies and courts of Kazakhstan and EEU.

  • legal support during customs audits
  • challenging illegal actions and decisions of customs authorities
  • refund of excessively paid / collected customs duties and taxes
  • challenging the adjustment the customs value of goods and reclassification of goods
  • representation of interests of companies in the customs bodies and courts of Kazakhstan and EEU.
  • providing legal support and representation of interests of companies during antidumping probe.

Key issues and solutions

Increasing trade volumes together with greater scrutiny of cross border flows and a focus on compliance with export controls and import regulations can combine to create significant challenges to your supply chain.

In today's global economy, moving goods internationally can be a complex and costly activity. Effective management of issues related to customs regulation and global trade is crucial to maintaining competitive advantages.

Our team of customs regulation and international trade specialists will help you to operate more effectively in moving goods to Kazakhstan.  We can develop and implement strategies to help you to effectively manage the costs of paying customs duties and taxes by utilizing the opportunities provided by various customs procedures, applying free trade agreements, special programs and transactional structuring.

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