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Global reporting management center

EY’s Global Reporting Management Center was established to improve global reporting and filing processes in different countries and regions of operation, and to help central management teams address a range of complex issues.

EY will help:

  • Use a centralized outsourcing model so as to consolidate control and make reporting processes more transparent
  • Support transition of reporting processes from the level of individual companies/branches to integrated service centers
  • Support development and implementation of solutions designed to enter new markets
  • Get an insight into requirements for reporting, potential risk assessment, and model development to ensure more efficient management and control, and to make reporting processes in each country of operation more transparent

The Reporting Management Center combines local professional expertise (in 150 countries where EY operates) in financial, tax and other types of reporting with that of coordinating office team.

The Reporting Management Center provides one-stop access to knowledge and experience of EY specialists worldwide.

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