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Accounting compliance and reporting

"Choose the right path and keep going"

Tax compliance, financial reporting and tax accounting in the country of presence make huge demands on tax and finance functions, chief accountant in particular. To reduce risks and inefficiencies and prevent significant costs, EY offers various models to support and communicate with clients through outsourcing of financial accounting functions::

1. Full-scope solution

For newly established companies

  • Market research
  • Initial set-up
  • Regular services

We will support you in establishing an office in Kazakhstan and selecting the most tax-efficient organizational structure. After that, we will carry out all supporting functions as your outsourcing partner, so that you can focus on your core business goals.

For mature companies

We will provide support in your day-to-day operations as your outsourcing partner (all services).

2. Package solution

Several supporting services are available. Example: outsourcing of financial and tax accounting functions, and/or payroll and HR administration, etc.

3. Ad hoc solution: one or more services at your selection


Scope of services

1. Agree on a structured process for our communication and deadlines for deliverables (information and documents), and define EY's and the client’s responsibilities

2. Draft financial accounting policies

3. Customize financial and tax accounting software (1С), including:

  • Setting up the system in accordance with the client's accounting needs
  • Entering opening balances for accounts (if applicable)
  • Adjusting analytical accounting
  • Connecting to the Client-Bank system to prepare payment orders (if applicable)
  • Registering with the electronic reporting system
  • Designing corporate reporting templates
  • Other procedures required to begin operations and support the provision of services
  • Collecting primary documents from suppliers and/or reviewing alignment of the entity’s primary documents with the register, processing/making records in the 1C local accounting system
  • Preparing primary accounting documents (consignment notes, acceptance certificates, reconciliation acts, fixed assets write-off acts and inventory acts)
  • Drafting payment orders in the Client-Bank system and processing banking transactions in 1C
  • Drafting employee expense reports (Form 1T)
  • Quarterly reconciliations with clients and suppliers
  • Monthly closing, including depreciation of deferred expenses, accrual of interest payable (if any), exchange differences write-off (revaluations, write-off of cash in transit), closure of income/expense accounts
  • Calculating the entity's monthly financial performance indicators
  • Preparing monthly trial balances on the basis of monthly transactions recorded in the accounting system
  • Statistical reports: monthly/quarterly/annual
  • Reports to the central bank: monthly/quarterly/annual
  • Monthly financial statements
  • IFRS annual financial statements
    • Statement of financial position
    • Statement of comprehensive income
    • Statement of changes in equity
    • Statement of cash flows
    • Notes to financial statements
  • Preparation and presentation of financial statements in accordance with the template approved at the setting up stage
  • Preparation of monthly reconciliation acts to reconcile data from corporate accounting systems (SAP, Oracle, JDE, etc., and 1C)
  • Communication with the client where issues arise or more detail is required
  • Outsourcing of tax accounting functions
  • Advisory Help Desk
  • Outsourcing of payroll functions
  • Outsourcing of HR Administration section
  • HR advisory
  • Migration services
  • Legal services
  • Tax advisory services

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