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Financial accounting advisory

EY practice serves you with a multidisciplinary team of professionals in accounting and related information technologies, providing deep industry expertise and vast experience of managing accounting and financial reporting change implementation processes, from application of individual accounting standards to implementation of full-scale projects in planning and introducing IFRS in many countries.

EY's key business task is to provide methodological and practical support to CFOs, audit committees, treasurers and other C-suite representatives responsible for financial issues in order to increase awareness, deepen understanding of the pending changes, and assess the impact on their companies.

Our financial accounting advisory professionals help our clients deal with changes in standards and regulatory requirements, and diversification or acquisition of business.

Key service offerings:

EY specialists assist our clients in handling a wide range of challenges related to transition to IFRS, corporate government and regulatory requirements, leveraging big data, and provide transaction and accounting support.

Applying leading accounting and reporting practices

Methodological and practical accounting and reporting matters, including:

  • Development of a uniform accounting policy and procedure for documentation maintenance using a web version of Automated accounting policy manual (AAPM)
  • Analysis of challenges that may arise as the result of implementation of a new accounting method, including assessment of its impact on existing systems and processes
  • Designing tools for implementation of new accounting standards and providing assistance in the decision-making process
  • Fast-track transition to new standards, such as IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers
  • Development of impairment allowance estimation models in accordance with IFRS 9 Financial Instruments (for non-financial organizations)
  • Implementation of a new standard - IFRS 16 Leases
  • Optimization of financial processes and controls, including process design and/or integration as part of finance function transformation, and deployment of an ERP system
  • Implementation of IPSAS
  • Accounting for derivative financial instruments and commodity contracts
  • Optimization of the statutory reporting process

Financial accounting enhancement through improvement of business processes and IT systems

To ensure proper oversight by management, comprehensive monitoring and support of financial accounting and reporting makes it possible to:

  • Assess, transform and reorganize financial and control functions
  • Align accounting procedures after the purchase of new assets
  • Improve the financial statement close process
  • Evaluate and enhance internal controls
  • Provide accounting support in the context of consolidation
  • Generate accounting data for tax reporting purposes

Compliance with regulatory and financial requirements, as well as requirements related to corporate governance

The finance function often deals with a wide variety of issues ranging from management of risks arising from changes in the commodity market conditions to currency risk monitoring.

Our financial accounting and reporting services cover:

  • Compliance with new legal requirements
  • Accounting for derivative financial instruments and goods
  • Comparative analysis of corporate governance structure and efficiency of audit committee oversight
  • Accounting support of large M&A deals and anticipated asset carve-out
  • Assistance in corporate structuring
  • Structuring of complex transactions on domestic and international markets and addressing related accounting and reporting matters

Assistance with other audit, certification and financial accounting matters

EY people provide comprehensive support implementing the recommended improvements to business processes and controls, including:

  • Alignment of financial accounting and reporting procedures with regulatory requirements and corporate governance guidelines as part of eliminating deficiencies identified during the audit
  • Provision of professional training

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