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Tax services for private clients

When can we be helpful for you?

  • You are looking for a tax consultant with an impeccable reputation, which will understand your challenges and offer effective solutions given your business and personal interests
  • You plan to invest in financial instruments, including foreign ones, and would like to understand the related tax consequences and currency risks
  • You are thinking about selling or diversifying business assets, and you need to choose an effective tax strategy for asset management and structuring investment flows in different countries
  • You are thinking about buying a yacht or an airplane and want to ensure the tax efficiency of purchase and ownership
  • You need to prepare personal tax returns in Kazakhstan and abroad
  • You live in several countries, and you need to understand the tax / immigration obligations and risks arising in them
  • You participated in the program of legalization, which ended in 2016, and would like to be sure that the legalization was carried out in full compliance with the law
  • You want to prepare for the forthcoming introduction of nationwide declaring in Kazakhstan
  • You have a US citizenship or green card, and you need advice on US tax law
  • You need to ensure protection of assets, flexibility of heirdom and possibly develop a family constitution
  • You want to take care of the education of your children - the heirs of your business.

As part of private client services EY Kazakhstan offers due diligence on the following:

  • international tax planning
  • advising on private client taxes
  • transaction support and planning
  • risk management
  • property protection
  • structuring of family property, planning heirdom isses
  • USA tax planning
  • advising on application of automatic information exchange mechanisms (FATCA, CRS)

EY practice for rendering private client services

  • EY offers a wide variety of tax and legal services that are associated with managing wealth for private clients.
  • We believe that the borders between countries should not hamper the effectiveness of global projects. We are able to provide services on a transparent basis for clients in each of the 150 countries of presence.
  • EY has partnering relations with banks and migration providers, which allows us to offer the most effective and systemic solutions to the client.

EY cooperates with a large financial organization, whose private clients regularly receive newsletters about changes in Kazakh legislation, participate in seminars, personal meetings, and also consult on individual issues.

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