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EY Attractiveness surveys are widely recognized as a key source of insight into foreign direct investment (FDI).

EY Europe Attractiveness Survey 2021

Foreign investment is set to rebound in Europe after the 2020 downswing.

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How will Lithuania adapt to new investors’ priorities?

Foreign investment set to rebound following the 2020 downswing with some good news in Lithuania as pent-up demand to execute projects is unleashed: Lithuania stands out in Europe with 71% of investors planning additional investments in 2021.

Investors expect Lithuania’s attractiveness to improve in the next years. What are their priorities that we should focus on to attract investors? ​Read the Baltics’ attractiveness report.

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EY Centrinės, Rytų ir Pietryčių Europos bei Centrinės Azijos regiono (CESA) viešojo administravimo sektoriaus vadovas, EY konsultacinių paslaugų padalinio vadovas Baltijos šalyse

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About the EY Attractiveness program

By examining the attractiveness of a particular region or country as an investment destination, the EY Attractiveness surveys are designed to help businesses make investment decisions and governments remove barriers to growth.

A two-step methodology analyzes both the reality and perception of FDI in the country or region. Findings are based on the views of representative panels of international and local opinion leaders and decision-makers.

The program has a 20-year legacy and has produced in-depth studies for Europe, a large number of European countries, Africa, the Mediterranean region, India, Japan, South America, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

Additional geographic perspectives

One of the key drivers of growth is a country or region’s ability to attract investment. EY’s unique collection of country and region reports provide companies and governments with reliable insight to shape economically sound strategy and policy decisions to drive growth and investment.

Find out how countries and regions are benchmarking their investment attractiveness in the following reports:

Dialogue video to explore the key considerations for Europe’s attractiveness as an investment destination

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