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Global Information Security Survey 2015

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Our 2015 Global Information Security Survey (GISS) provides insights from 1755 participants, including key players from Luxembourg and investigates the most important cybersecurity issues facing business today.

Last year, we identified the ways organizations could get ahead of cybercrime by following a three stage journey – Activate, Adapt, and Anticipate. This concept still applies, but as cyber attackers are continuously changing tactics, increasing in their persistence and expanding their capabilities, the nature of the cyber threats has evolved.

Understanding the challenges for cybersecurity
EY chart – Key findingsEY chart – Key findings

EY chart – Key findingsEY chart – Key findings

The digital world abounds with rapidly expanding opportunities for innovation, and businesses, governments and individuals have turned their attention to the significant benefits.

By creating new markets and new products, a better understanding of consumers and citizens and finding different ways of connecting with them, the digital world offers enormous potential. Unfortunately, in the rush, many precautions have been overlooked and risks underestimated.

For organizations to recognize the current challenges and to understand what they need to do to improve, they need to think fully about the following four areas.
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EY - Today’s attacks on the digital worldEY - How attacks unfoldEY - Why are you still so vulnerable?EY - The shift to Active Defense