EY Mongolia contributing to building a better working world one child at a time

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EY Mongolia office consists of nearly 100 staff that normally exchange gifts with each other worth approximately US$15 each during the holiday season. However, in 2015, instead of exchanging gifts, they have decided to collect that money to buy gifts to the underprivileged children.

The group that they have decided to support was a small kindergarten located near the dump ground in the city. The parents of the children who attend that kindergarten make a living by collecting items from the dump ground. Mongolian winters are famous for its harshness, where the average temperature is close to -20°C during the day and it get as low as -35°C at night. The kindergarten is located in a ger, a traditional tent-like structure that is heated by coal. The gift exchange fund of EY Mongolia staff totaled approximately US$750, which was used to buy warm socks and gloves, coloring books, story books and some sweets to make a gift package for all of the 20 children that attend the kindergarten. We make a better working world one company at a time and one child at a time.

EY - The fence outside the kindergarten
The fence outside the kindergarten.

EY - Children at the kindergarten
Children at the kindergarten.

EY - Gift shopping crew of EY Mongolia
Gift shopping crew of EY Mongolia