Making a difference in a changing world

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EY’s business strategy is founded on engagement with our people, clients and communities to help them achieve their potential.

As a company that embraces corporate responsibility, we think carefully about how to invest in society today to make sure there will be a business context where both we and society can thrive tomorrow and long into the future.

Increasingly, business, government and NGOs are pulling together to promote business, social and environmental progress. With 190,000 people in 150 countries, one of the best ways EY can contribute to this effort is through skill-based volunteering that’s coordinated globally while taking account of local conditions and culture.

We channel our efforts into three key areas that are aligned with our business strategy and critical to improving and expanding market economies.

  • Entrepreneurship – supporting and celebrating start-up companies as they create opportunity
  • Education – developing skills and broadening access to make sure the next generation has the skills it needs to make a positive impact
  • Environmental sustainability – minimizing our impact on the environment

We call these the “3E’s”.

Corporate responsibility is an imperative for safeguarding the sustainability of our business. As a business, we can only grow if the economy and society are strong. So we must continually find ways to intersect what we do well with what society needs. In this way, we will help the people we employ, the companies that we serve, and the communities in which we operate to achieve their potential fully – in both the short and long term.

Here are some of the projects we engage in for Malaysia:

AMCHAM Young Enterprise Program

EY has been involved as a corporate sponsor of the American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) Young Enterprise (YE) Program since 2010. The Young Enterprise Program is a fun, hands-on introduction to entrepreneurship and business for young budding entrepreneurs. This year, our people volunteered their time and skills to work with 16-year-old students of SMK Convent Sentul.

In this program, our people act as "Advisors" to the students (known as “Achievers”), guiding and monitoring their progress throughout the duration of their business project which runs over a period of nine months. During this time, the students are exposed to the whole business cycle, from start-up, selling shares to build capital, budgeting, R&D, market research to production, marketing, sales and finally, liquidating the company and preparing the financial reports. Our volunteers meet up with the students on a weekly basis while updates are also shared via email and Facebook.

EY - AMCHAM Young Enterprise Program    EY - AMCHAM Young Enterprise Program    EY - AMCHAM Young Enterprise Program

Money & Me: Youth Financial Empowerment Programme

EY has joined hands with The Edge Education Foundation to deliver the Money & Me: Youth Financial Empowerment Programme (Money & Me), a financial literacy initiative for urban teenagers from middle to low income households.

The Money & Me programme comprises five modules, namely “Save”, “Spend”, “Earn”, “Grow” and “Give”, which are designed specifically to help participants understand the importance of saving; adopting good spending habits; making career choices; growing wealth; and cultivating the spirit of giving.

In this programme, EY volunteers facilitate the teaching of various modules within the programme that focuses on financial literacy as a basic skill, besides equipping the youths with the basic entrepreneurship skills for better economic opportunities.

EY volunteers are currently working with 33 students from SMK Convent Sentul in this programme.

EY - Money & Me: Youth Financial Empowerment Programme    EY - Money & Me: Youth Financial Empowerment Programme
EY - Money & Me: Youth Financial Empowerment Programme    EY - Money & Me: Youth Financial Empowerment Programme