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EY Netherlands Brazil Desk

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The globalization continues to transform the business landscape and create opportunities and challenges to companies around the world.

Brazil with its large economy and privileged position in South America remains very attractive to foreign investors. Also Brazil’s ambitious entrepreneurs are increasingly expanding their footprint globally.

The Netherlands, with its strategic location, international mindset, stable economy and political system, modern infrastructure, extensive bilateral investment treaty network as well as tax treaty network, is a gateway for Brazilian companies investing and expanding their presence in Europe and Asia. Also, the Netherlands is among the main investors in Brazil.

EY Netherlands Brazil Desk brings the necessary expertise together to support the expansion of your new business as well as the optimization of your existing business structure. With our wide spectrum of professional services and network around the globe, we can assist you on your challenging overseas journey: from planning stage to execution stage to integration stage.

Our Netherlands Brazil team consists of experts with in-depth knowledge and extensive expertise of cross-border particularities relating to investing in and from Brazil. Most importantly: they are passionate about generating successful synergies by bringing the European and Brazilian culture together.

Our team is composed of Brazilian and Dutch nationals and can provide you with the necessary expertise to guide you through the Brazilian and the European markets, regulations and culture.

We have assisted and we assist many Brazilian clients on their ‘go global’ strategy as well as foreign investors going to Brazil. Our team travels regularly to Brazil and has contact with Brazilian colleagues as well as with Brazilian clients on a daily basis.

The combination of a multi-cultural and integrated team, years of experience with transactions between these cultures and our close contact with Brazil are the key to our success. As well as a key factor when investing or expanding your business in the Brazilian or in the European markets successfully and efficiently.