Photographic portrait of Matthew J. Westwood-Hill
Knowledge and experience ensure the integrity of clients’ digital and cyber assets. Calm and responsiveness is paramount in a cyber incident. Knowledge and experience achieve this.

Matthew J. Westwood-Hill

EY Oceania Assurance Forensics & Integrity Services Leader

Leads organizations to maintain their digital integrity. Aspiring to embody imagination, creativity, leadership, loyalty and a sense of humor.

With two decades of experience across computer forensics, cyber incident response and electronic discovery, Matthew is a Director within Forensic and Integrity Services team at EY Australia.

He has led teams in the design, development and delivery of technology software systems and frameworks that safeguard international data networks and communications.

For both public and private organizations, Matthew has conducted cyber incident response investigation in matters involving extortion, ransomware, intellectual property theft and other forms of malicious actions.

A recognized expert witness in the field of computer forensics and cyber incident response, he has provided expert testimony in court as well as providing expert witness statements and reports.

Matthew holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Open University. 

How Matthew is building a better working world

“I work toward providing organizations with the capabilities and confidence to face their cyber world and respond to situations with knowledge and confidence. One of the ways I achieve this is through ‘out of the box’ thinking. I am energized by innovation and find great reward in developing and applying new methodologies and technologies.”

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