Pamela Spence
It will soon be possible to connect petabytes of health data and the human body will be the biggest data platform. Companies in the health ecosystem must decide how to capture the value.

Pamela Spence

EY Global Health Sciences and Wellness Industry Leader and Life Sciences Industry Leader

Ambassador for outcomes-based performance and healthy aging. Advocate for women.

Having joined EY in 1998, Pamela leads a team of 20,000 multidisciplinary professionals in the health and life sciences industries to share insight and knowledge. Working across the ecosystem, they understand the implications of today’s trends, proactively finding solutions to business issues and positioning clients to seize the upside of disruption in our transformative age.

Prior to her current role, she focused on cross-border transactions, providing deal advisory services including new commercial and risk and governance operating models. She has a background in organic chemistry.

How Pamela is building a better working world

Pamela is passionate about making healthcare affordable and accessible to all and helping to ensure we collectively maximize the opportunity to continually innovate in R&D. Critical to this is the industry to define, measure and design payment systems aligned to outcomes based performance rather the present ‘input and activity based’ systems. Increased computational power and AI, along with more demanding consumers, brings unparalleled opportunity for innovation and collaboration with disruptors to the traditional industry value chain.

“Strong data science and behavioral science as well as clinical and medicinal science capabilities will be critical for success.”

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