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About EY Skye

EY Skye is a leading provider of technology services in software, consulting and projects to large companies in the Nordic region in a wide range of industries. We have offices in Norway and Sweden. We aim to help companies with digitalization by moving IT into the heart of the business to increase the utilization of the company's resources as technology and digitalization are increasingly important for today's businesses. As part of EY, EY Skye has broad expertise and a strong foundation for providing services in this area. EY Skye always puts the customer first and is characterized by employees as competent, curious and inclusive. We believe that problems are best solved with commitment and knowledge. We work in teams, so when you buy our services, you buy the entire company's expertise.


To meet our clients’ needs, we use our experience to customize our partners’ standard solutions based on recognized methodology and market-leading software.
  • SAP

    EY Skye is one of Norway's leading companies in the field of innovative and optimized use of SAP's portfolio, and we provide services to major national and international clients. We have broad experience with SAP’s portfolio of products and profound knowledge within most areas of implementation, customization and use of SAP's solutions.

    EY Skye was front runners in using HANA, and has delivered installations and adaptations based on this tool for a long time. To suit your needs, we create integrations to existing systems so you can quickly access and analyze data from multiple sources for broader insights. We provide SAP systems with high availability, recovery capabilities, scalability and security features to ensure uninterrupted operations.

    EY Skye helps you take advantage of the great capabilities that SAP's cloud services provide. We have the experience and expertise to help you choose the solution that suits you best, and to adapt processes or services to better utilize your opportunities. Our employees can participate in or lead the work on adapting and implementing SAP's cloud services.

    We put simplification on top of the agenda and help you focus on what really matters. Data availability, simplified user interface, seamless customization of IT systems to your processes and better utilization of software are only some of the elements we focus on. By streamlining the processes, you get the opportunity to use live data to predict customer trends, in real time, for the entire business.

  • IBM

    IBM delivers an impressive portfolio of software that can help you achieve your business’ goals. The new generation of cognitive functional software, like Watson and the capabilities that lies within IBM's portfolio, will help you find answers to questions faster and handle both structured and unstructured data in new ways.

    EY Skye's employees have extensive knowledge in IBM's portfolio. We have more than 15 years of experience in implementing IBM Maximo, the market-leading solution for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). This solution includes managing the maintenance of physical assets in an organization through each asset's life cycle. By using IoT, which connects and exchanges data from physical devices, you can process the collected data and use them for maintenance. This means you can work smarter with maintenance of assets and values. In addition, IBM Maximo is a good inventory management system.

    We are also familiar with IBM's first mobile platform, where we have developed several mobility applications.


EY Skye is always looking for new employees. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, experienced or newly graduated, but we expect you to be willing to learn and share your knowledge and experience with your colleagues. We emphasize that there should be a balance between work and family while we expect effort when required.

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EY Skye

Our Services

EY Skye offers a wide range of services tailored to suit your needs. Our solutions are based on elements of business analysis, project management, application customization, development, process optimization and training.

EY Skye


We can help you with process and decision support, analysis, planning, delegated management and provision of management support. We provide advisory services to both private and public sectors, preferably in the interface between IT and business.

Our previous work have given us profound understanding of management and decision support. Our employees have the experience to support you in achieving the goals set for your organization.

EY Skye's employees fill roles at many levels at our clients, and among other things, we offer management for hire. We have broad experience within line management, strategic management, project management, change management and consulting. Typically, we function as operational leaders, project managers, analysts, team leaders, line managers, technically delegated mentors, resource coordinators and provide solutions within ITL implementation, procurement and test management.


We provide a wide range of consulting services related to applications. With these services, we can customize software and business systems based on your needs. We deliver within development and adaptation, implementation, project management and advisory.

We specialize in SAP's application services in the areas of finance, accounting, logistics, maintenance, document management and test management. Our long experience delivering these services enables us to quickly adapt to your needs.

Our interdisciplinary business understanding means that we can work on processes from an end-to-end perspective. By using market-leading solutions such as SAP Solution Manager, we can ensure high quality on our services.

Our project managers have extensive experience in implementing, upgrading, consolidating and migrating systems. Our knowledge is based on a wide range of industries, each with their own needs and solution requirements.

Analysis and reporting

In today’s highly competitive market, the ability to extract business-critical information for further analysis is crucial for success. Systems for analytics, or business intelligence, become significant in this context, both for analysis and visualization of data. We have knowledge about selecting, purchasing, adapting, implementing and further developing such systems from market-leading software houses, mainly SAP and IBM.

We can provide a wide range of consulting services related to analytics. Our employees work in teams or individually, based on your preferences.

Our services include implementation of new systems, further development of existing systems and system adaptation. We also provide advice on possibilities, optimization of systems and processes, implementation planning and selecting and purchasing systems.

In addition to technical expertise, we have significant project and industry experience. This means that we can help you with technological development strategies and design of business cases and life cycles for systems.

User experience

We believe that ease of use and mobility go hand in hand. Therefore, we have combined these services under the collective term user experience. IT tools are now being modernized to meet users’ demands for the simplification of the interfaces they work in. At the same time, the capabilities of getting relevant and up-to-date data where users are at any time are optimized - at the moment they are available.

We can help you develop and adapt your user experience strategy and support you when implementing it. We combine technology, people and design to find a solution that suits your needs. This includes the development of simple user interfaces on complex applications.

We have experience in developing solutions in many tools, for use in many situations. Our user experience consultants are advanced on various client technologies such as html5, css, javascript, angular, react, node.js, SAPUI5 and Fiori and more. We work where possible according to the "code once - deploy everywhere" principle. It provides the ability to have web portals and mobile applications with the same code base. Our consultants are dedicated to good interaction design and UX design.

We deliver mobile solutions that are adapted to your business needs, with a focus on optimizing work processes, streamlining resources and business value. Our staff can assist you with better utilization of your tools or help you choose the tools you need.

System integration

Integration and APIs are among the main focus areas of EY Skye. Today we have several strategic partnerships that make us a reliable consultant within integration and API solutions for our customers. We are IBM Gold Business Partner and also cooperate with Microsoft, Google, Amazon and SAP. In EY Skye, we believe that good APIs are among the most important elements for organizations in the future. Breaking down silos in the organization, exploiting data in and around the company and finding new business opportunities through new technology is all about interaction and making information available.

Maintenance management

In order to keep factories, trains and other technical objects in operation, they must be tailored and maintained. Maintenance management is a collection of processes and individual activities that are established to achieve operational stability. This includes strategies, processes, planning and documenting of your maintenance, as well as resource management of surrounding assets. We have long experience in this area and can support you in setting this up.

We have broad experience in areas such as integrated solutions for maintenance, planning and mobility management. Our consultants also have broad knowledge of implementing maintenance systems that can be integrated with one or more planning tools.

Good mobile solutions enable accessibility, proximity to data, increased functionality and value for system users. In addition, we offer counseling and courses in the subject areas.

Process optimization

Processes are often visualized as a sequence of activities including a starting point, activities, exceptions and a desired end mode. The starting point for processes is the organization’s defined goals, purpose and strategy. Process optimization is the work of streamlining the activity sequences.

Through collaboration with our clients, we have developed methodologies and used tools that enable us to help our clients optimize their business processes. We believe efficient processes are the basis for successful business operations, and possess the expertise and experience to help you improve your business processes.

Processes such as procure to pay, order to cash and invoice flow are other examples of processes we can assist you with.

We combine our process experience with deep technical knowledge on workflow management tools.

Management of licenses

Through our work, we have gained knowledge of smart ways to handle information, licenses and software. This allows us to assist you in your choice of solutions, implementation of solutions and customization of solutions for this type of information. We can also manage the management of licenses on your behalf.

Software lifecycle

Like any other tool, software will need to be procured, maintained, and eventually retired. There are both financial and operational reasons to control the software and strategies around it. We help you with process optimization and software development strategies.

Information management

Organizations accumulate large amounts of information. It is important to manage this information to make sure you retrieve and make business critical data available.

Information management is the collection of processes and solutions that handle this. Examples can be emails, meeting references, reports, drawings, technical documentation, operating processes, self-developed code and notes.

We can help you gain better control of your organization’s information and assist with managing information and related strategies.

License management

Correct licensing can be a challenge, but we can support you to make sure your software licenses are managed in the most efficient way. Depending on your needs, we can handle the entire software lifecycle or parts of it.

We provide expertise on the individual software vendors licensing rules. We can actively help optimize your portfolio to meet your preferences within operations, changes, service delivery and production, while helping you keep costs down.

License management can also include elements of advice, and we contribute to consolidation and simplification of the portfolio as needed.

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We develop strategies for a digital world, building groundbreaking digital solutions that help businesses optimize their potential and deliver efficiently with ease-of-use in focus.

EY Skye´s head office is located at Kolbotn outside Oslo, a division office at Stord and represented in Sweden with offices both in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

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