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Transfer Pricing and Tax Effective Supply Chain Management

We bring you a global perspective based on our long-standing experience of what really works in transfer pricing and tax effective supply chain management (TESCM).

Our multi-disciplinary TESCM teams work with you on supply chain design, business restructuring, systems implications, transfer pricing, direct and indirect tax, customs and accounting. We can help you build and implement the structure that makes sense for your business, improve your processes and manage the cost of trade.

Our transfer pricing professionals help you review, document, manage and defend your transfer pricing policies and processes - aligning them with your business strategy. Our talented people work with you to build the proactive, pragmatic and integrated strategies that address the tax risks of today's businesses and help your business achieve its potential.

How we can help you:

  • Transfer pricing planning
  • Global documentation
  • Global transfer pricing controversy and risk management
  • Tax effective supply chain management
  • Transfer pricing in financial services
  • Transfer pricing and customs

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