Financial Services

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Legislation in the financial sector is becoming more and more complex. Companies must comply with increasingly strict regulations. It is important to make sure that your organisation is compliant with all requirements under legislation and regulations.

Financial institutions

We mainly focus on financial institutions such as banks, investment companies, investment funds, collective investment funds as well as pension funds, FinTechs, insurance companies, trust offices and companies listed on the stock exchange.

Are you a licensed financial institution and do you wish to outsource part of your activities? Do you want to set up an investment fund and make it accessible to the public, or just to certain institutional investors? If so, we can advise you and help you comply with all requirements.

Pension funds

We mainly focus on pension funds as they require a detailed and specialised approach. Pension funds must be in possession of several legal documents such as by-laws, pension agreements, letters of information, agreements of affiliation, pension rules and codes of conduct.

We are able to draw up or update these documents for you. Pension funds must ensure that an accountability body and internal supervision are implemented. In consultation with you, we determine which kind of participation in decision-making will be is is the right one for your pension fund.

The combination of legal expertise, knowledge of the pension world, the direct link with tax experts and actuaries of EY is what distinguishes our services.