Emerging markets

Doing business beyond national borders

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In spite of the changes resulting from recent developments such as the Brexit and outcome of the U.S.  Presidential election, markets in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe are still showing a strong rapid growth.

Even though this development offers new opportunities to companies, it also has its drawbacks. For companies who wish to do business beyond the national borders, professional legal support and assistance are essential.

In cooperation with EY Tax we support Dutch companies who have the ambition to expand their activities to especially Asia. In addition, we assist companies from Asia who want to invest in or via the Netherlands or wishing to do business with Dutch partners.

We offer clients integrated advice; not just focusing on the legal aspects but, if required, we also include fiscal and financial advice, made possible through our cooperation with EY Tax. In this manner our clients will have a complete and clear insight into the feasibility of their expansion plans.

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