Real Estate & Construction

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As real estate projects are increasing in scope, the legal questions are becoming more and more complicated. Which is the best legal form for commercially operating your building project? What are your rights and obligations as lessor/lessee, or as buyer/seller? Which financing structure provides you with a maximum result? How do you divide the responsibilities in public-private partnerships? How do you convert the value of your real estate into liquid assets?

HVG Law can answer all your questions in the field of real estate and administrative law. We are very experienced in the field of, amongst other things, procurement law, rent law, public-private partnerships and the transfer of real estate.

Our people are ideally equipped to help you anticipate trends in the real estate market so you can achieve your goals and compete more effectively. The combination of legal expertise, knowledge of the real estate industry, the direct link with the EY Law network and our entrepreneurial approach is what distinguishes our provision of services.