Corporate & Commercial Law

Right sizing your legal structure

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Buying and selling companies and business units, mergers, joint ventures, but also restructurings and liquidations are of all times.

In good times, expansions predominate; in times of economic headwinds, the focus is on shrinkage and restructuring. The legal support of business transactions is therefore one of the crucial components of our legal work, as well as the provision of advice on all aspects of corporate and commercial law.

Strong legal relationships

The optimal setup of legal relationships between a company and its customers, suppliers and distribution partners and the internal relations is of great importance for the economic success. Our services include advice on the interpretation of contractual relations at national and global levels, in all areas where our clients are actively operational.

Multidisciplinary teams

On many assignments, our lawyers and civil law notaries work together with financial specialists from EY Tax. The advantage for our clients: through this multidisciplinary cooperation we are able to view each individual case from different angles. For the most complex business issues we can find a comprehensive solution, taking into account numerous legal, fiscal, financial and economic aspects.

Our services:

  • Purchase, sale and transfer of shares and assets and liabilities and legal structuring.
  • National and cross-border M&A transactions, including joint ventures, financing transactions, competition law aspects, solving disputes and arbitration.
  • Bringing private equity and venture capital into a transaction, including management buy-outs and leveraged buy-outs.
  • Restructuring and insolvency solutions.
  • Drawing up all kinds of cooperation contracts, trade and commercial agreements.
  • Legal assessment of and advice and legal opinions on the effects, scope, enforceability and contents of several commercial and financial contracts.
  • Advice on matters such as data protection, freedom of information collection, e-commerce and Document Retention Policy.
  • Advice on corporate governance related subjects for listed companies, private equity investors, intermediate parties and others.
  • Representation of interests of directors and shareholders.
  • Advice on and assistance with disputes and arbitration.