Civil law Notary

In house Notary services

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In the Dutch legal system certain legal matters require a civil law notary. A civil law notary is required to weigh up and balance the interests of all the parties in a certain legal matter. Like a judge, the civil law notary is appointed by the Crown.

Apart from providing legal advice, the civil law notary records agreements, either because the law requires it or at the parties' request. In the Netherlands the law requires a notarial deed for a number of agreements and legal transactions.

The transfer of real estate, mortgages and wills require notarial expertise

As an entrepreneur you need to be sure that the agreements you sign comply with your intentions. Agreements need to be legally sound, so there will be no surprises afterwards.

That is why it is good to have your business affairs recorded by a civil law notary who is independent, neutral and who is always available to answer your questions.

Tailor-made legal solutions

Our civil law notaries are organized in industry-oriented teams and will provide you with a tailor-made legal solution for your legal problem. Our relation with the tax advisers of EY makes is possible to take your tax position into account when providing you with advice.