Regulatory & Financial

Your advisor in the financial sector

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As a result of the financial crises in the recent past, legislation in the financial sector is becoming more and more complex.

Companies must comply with increasingly strict regulations. All the more reason to ensure that your company is setup in accordance with prevailing rules and all regulatory requirements are met.

Our expertise

Our international team is highly experienced in financial regulatory matters and knowledge of market developments. Our client base includes investment firms, managers of collective investment undertakings, credit institutions, insurance companies, payment services providers, FinTechs, audit firms, trust offices and pension funds. We support our clients in their efforts to comply with rules and regulations, and to meet public expectations.

Multidisciplinary approach

Our lawyers are very experienced professionals with a focus on national financial law in its international context. As legal aspects can never be isolated from their context, we collaborate closely with the financial experts of EY.

Our partnership with EY ensures that our legal services fit in perfectly within an integrated approach that addresses all relevant financial and tax aspects. In a sector where risk management, privacy, ICT, actuarial calculations and tax issues are part of the day to day business, this is of crucial importance.

Our services:

  • Advising on financial products and investment structures.
  • Advising on marketing and selling restrictions.
  • Know Your Customer advice and remediation procedures.
  • Drafting and advising of contracts, policies and general terms and conditions for financial institutions.
  • Assisting FinTechs in regulatory challenges.
  • Setting up and (re)structuring investment institutions and other pooling structures, both nationally and cross-border
  • Assisting in filing license applications for financial institutions such as: payment service providers, banks, insurance companies, investment firms and trust offices.
  • Governance issues.
  • Legal proceedings at the Court/dispute settlement authorities/arbitration proceedings including disputes with supervisory authorities.
  • Advice on compliance with existing financial supervisory legislation as well as the impact of future legislation.
  • Syndicated loans and financing transactions.
  • Corporate finance, financing of acquisitions, asset financing and project financing.
  • Initial public offerings and public bids.